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Topic: Bunny's "Mock shack" bc frosting
Linsey 04/28/2010 9:12 AM
bunnywoman, I just wanted to tell everyone that this bc is so good. My family usually does the taste testing for the different bc recipes I try and they said this one was very good and not sweet. I did make the smaller batch and it didn't seem creamy. I have read that I should have not beat it as long as the larger batch, so I will try that this next time. The coffee creamer I used was Nestle Coffee-mate and it says The Original. Is there another brand that you recomend? I think your'e recipe said extra creamy, this one didn't say that. I don't drink coffee so I'm lost in that catagory.
Thanks for all your help and again, I love Sharons dvd's.
bunnywoman 04/28/2010 3:25 PM
I actually bought the Great Value brand and it says, "extra rich non dairy creamer." I am right there with you on NOT being a coffee drinker. BLECH!!!! I love the smell of coffee, but to sit and drink it? I'll pass. I have to have 20 little bags of sugar to make it edible for me to drink. LOL!

You can't "kill" this buttercream by beating too long. Heck I think one time my mixer was running for like 15 minutes. I never beat it that long, but I got sidetracked with the munchkins and well you know how it goes...........

I went back to look at it and it was just fine. I think the coffee creamer cuts down on *some * of the sweetness. It is still going to taste sweet.

I am trying to get together a class with Sharon. Hopefully, I can get her to come to ME!!!!!!!!!