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Topic: Bunny's "Mock Shack's Buttercream Icing"
bunnywoman 04/07/2010 4:16 PM
Ok ladies! Here is my version of Shack's amazing frosting. Now I have a little of Paula Deen in me and I love my butter! I have experimented and made it to my liking. ENJOY!


2 cups Crisco
2 cups butter......NOT margarine.....softened
1 tbsp. vanilla flavoring
1 tbsp. almond flavoring
1 tbsp. butter flavoring
1/3 cup extra rich dry coffee creamer
1/3 cup boiling water
1 tsp popcorn salt
4 pounds pure cane powdered sugar (2 full bags)

Place softened butter and Crisco into your mixing bowl and beat with the paddle attachment for about 7-8 minutes until it has lightened in color and is nice and creamy in texture. (I use speed 6 using a standing Kitchen-Aid mixer.)

While that is mixing, I measure out 1/3 cup of water in a liquid measuring cup. Place this into the microwave and heat till boiling. My 1100 watt microwave takes about 40-45 seconds roughly. In a 1/3 c. dry measuring cup, measure out the extra rich coffee creamer. Combine the boiling water and the dry coffee creamer together in the liquid measuring cup. Stir with a spoon until it has dissolved completely. Add in the popcorn salt to this hot liquid and stir to dissolve.

Add the flavorings to the Crisco/butter mixture and blend well.

Using the lowest setting on your mixer, alternate the powdered sugar and coffee creamer liquid until all is incorporated nicely. Turn the mixer up to speed 6 and beat for 8-9 minutes. The frosting will get nice and fluffy and a wonderful creamy texture.


1. I use my Beater Blade for this and it works absolutely fabulous!!!! It makes it so nice and creamy and I never have to scrape the bowl! Love that invention!!!!!!!!!!

2. I have used many different brands of butter for this and have had very good results with all of them.

3. I buy the extra rich dry powder coffee creamer because to me it just adds that extra little boost of creaminess.

4. If it gets hot here then sometimes I have to play with the powdered sugar amount by adding in an additional cup to 1.5 cups to make it behave a bit better for me.

5. This icing will crust for me in my environment. If it is humid outside, it takes longer to crust.

6. This icing is not heat stable due to the butter in it.

7. You can mix and match up any flavorings that you like for this. This is very versatile I have used the Lorann oil flavorings in this with great success. Be careful if you use Lorann flavors as they are concentrated and a little goes a very long way. For 4 pounds of icing, I typically add in 4-6 drops of the flavoring and blend very well. You can always increase or decrease to your liking.

8. I use the trans fat free Crisco in this and it works fine for me. I have used the Great Value 3.5 grams fat shortening with excellent results. I have also used hi-ratio shortening for this with excellent results. You pick whatever works for you and your pocketbook.

9. I have a pouring shield for my KA mixer that I use when making this. This helps keep the powdered sugar at bay. If you don't have a shield then a clean kitchen towel will work just as well draped over the top of the mixer.

10. This makes what I call thin- thin/medium consistency icing.

11. If you use salted butter then I cut back a little on the popcorn salt.

12. I have made this in a 2 pound batch as well. What I did there was this:

1 cup Crisco
1 cup butter......NOT margarine.....softened
1 tsp. vanilla flavoring
1 tsp. almond flavoring
1 tsp. butter flavoring
1/4 cup extra rich dry coffee creamer
1/4 cup boiling water
1 tsp popcorn salt
2 pounds pure cane powdered sugar (1 full bags)

Follow the directions above for the 4 pound batch.

and lastly......
13. I am for ever in Sharon Zambito's debt for her sharing her invaluable information of the dry coffee creamer addition to buttercream icing. This really makes for a simply delicious tasting icing that is easy to work with! I thank you Sharon!

Everyone loves this icing. I get rave reviews from all of my family, friends, and customers.

Peachygirl1 04/07/2010 4:48 PM
Ohhhh Bunny.....this sounds so good. Now I am going to HAVE to go try a batch! I'm getting visions of those Strawberry and Cream cupcakes I want to try.....with a big swirl of this icing on top? And a full recipe seems to me it would make quite a bit......oh my.....extra!!!!
hunnybee 04/07/2010 8:55 PM
Thank you so much for sharing! I am going to make this for a cake I have to make in my Fondant & Gumpaste class next week...looking so forward to the new icing & class!

Question about refrigeration: can this be left out at room temperature & if so, how many days do you recommend?

Thanks again!
bunnywoman 04/08/2010 3:12 AM
4 days MAX out of the refrigerator.

All leftovers can be stored in the frig for 2 weeks. Over two weeks? I place in a Ziploc baggy and pop in the freezer.
cdas1957 04/08/2010 12:43 PM

I now have hi-ration shortening and have been using Sharon's original recipe. Can I use the hi-ratio instead of crisco? And then would you omit anything? I too, played with the recipe, but always looking to tweek some more! Thanks a bunch of carrots!
cdas1957 04/08/2010 12:43 PM
oops, that's ratio!!!
bunnywoman 04/08/2010 4:12 PM
Here ya go Cindi!

8. I use the trans fat free Crisco in this and it works fine for me. I have used the Great Value 3.5 grams fat shortening with excellent results. I have also used hi-ratio shortening for this with excellent results. You pick whatever works for you and your pocketbook.
cdas1957 04/08/2010 4:26 PM
Can't wait to try it! This Hi-Ratio is rather expensive! Especially paying freight on it!
pastelitos 04/08/2010 8:59 PM
Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to try it. Now, all of the sudden I feel like baking..heheh.
MARIE J 04/09/2010 7:21 AM
Thanks for another recipe bunny !!
bunnywoman 04/09/2010 12:16 PM
You're welcome!
Cbenner5 04/14/2010 4:14 PM
Can you tell me if Crisco (white) is considered "high ratio" shortening.... I don't know what I am looking for.
bunnywoman 04/14/2010 5:22 PM
Crisco is not hi-ratio shortening. Sweetex is what you are looking for. I have used the CK Products brand of hi-ratio shortening with great results. Alpine is another brand name.
Cbenner5 04/15/2010 7:53 AM
ok, now I'm a bit confused. I've been using Crisco for my icings in class (Michael's) and some from this forum. During our class, I've never heard about high ratio shortening. Obviously Crisco is ok, not just great - correct??? The CK products - are these only available on-line or at specialty shops? I'm in Eastern North Carolina.
Thanks again,
bunnywoman 04/15/2010 9:03 AM
The reason allot of decorators say they don't like to use Crisco is because Crisco changed their formulation and made it into a "healthier version" without the trans fats in it. Now we all know trans fats are really bad for our health right? The added tans fats act a stabilizer for buttercream icings and others. In a nutshell, it just holds up better.

With that all being said, I have good luck with the new Crisco. Yes it is a little softer, but nothing I guess I can't handle.

CK Products can be found on-line at or possibly in a cake specialty shop in your area. Michaels and Hobby Lobby do not carry hi ratio shortening as of yet. The hi ratio shortening has emulsifiers in it to help stabilize it better. Does it work well? Of course it does, but I can not justify the added cost for it to be shipped to me. That is just ME. I can get the Crisco version to work just fine. I also have the generic store brands in my local grocery store that still have the 3 grams of trans fats in them. SO all in all I can make just about anything work for my needs.

Good luck,
Cbenner5 04/15/2010 2:52 PM
I think I get now.... so if I find a shortening that has 3 grams trans fat - that is a good thing for icing... correct? This may sound stupid - but does Hi Ratio shortening actually state that it's Hi Ratio? Or should I look for the 3 grams of trans fat?

I've been using Crisco and it's been ok so far. I'm curious to see the difference though. Have you ever tried mixing half of each?

While I've got you.... do you use Castor sugar? And if so, where do you buy it?

bunnywoman 04/15/2010 3:14 PM
Caster sugar is sold as "superfine" sugar in the United States. You can find it on the Wal-Mart shelves in the baking aisle.

Because of its fineness, it dissolves more quickly than regular white sugar, and so is especially useful in meringues and cold liquids. It goes along on the same lines as the popcorn salt. That is also a finer grain just like the caster sugar is.

As far as the 3g. trans fat shortening ...yes that is a good thing for icing. It does "behave better" for icing workability and stability. Now like I said above, I still use Crisco and can get that to work just fine for my needs as well. It is strictly your preference. The hi-ratio will specifically state..."hi-ratio shortening" on the container.

Understand? Can I clear up anything else that I may have confused you on?

cakes06 04/15/2010 8:11 PM
Bunny - where can I find popcorn salt? I can't find it anywhere around here. Thanks, Dana
bunnywoman 04/15/2010 9:13 PM
Are you in Canada Dana? I know KTB has a very hard time finding it there.

I can find it in all of my local grocery stores here in the USA in either the spice aisle or right next to the popcorn. I can also find it at Super Wal-Mart in the same aisles.
cakes06 04/16/2010 1:23 AM
Thanks Bunny - I'm not in Canada but live in WA state. I'll have to look again at our Walmart and also some of the other stores. Maybe I just missed seeing it.