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Topic: My Bunnywoman buttercream is gritty
mrswilkerson 03/15/2010 8:19 PM
I use Bunny's recipe, but my I can't seem to get it smooth and non-gritty. Is it because I'm using walmart brand powdered sugar? What speed on my KA do I mix at? When I'm done it looks like there's a lot of air in there, and when I use the 1M tip to swirl a cupcake, the edges are jagged and not smooth looking. What do I need to do differently?
ConnieT 03/15/2010 8:46 PM
I just made a batch tonight my second batch and it has never been gritty. I only use C&H pure cane sugar. Wal-marts brand is probably made from beet sugar and that does not work well for frosting. That could be your problem. I use a little higher than slow speed to mix the butter and crisco and the very slowest speed when mixing in the Powdered sugar and water mixture I use milk instead of water. Good luck
sweetgrandma 03/15/2010 9:29 PM
yes...that's probably the problem. I have a caker friend who works at WalMart and she won't use their powdered sugar. Our WalMart has finally started selling my brand, thank goodness!
mrswilkerson 03/15/2010 9:34 PM
thanks to both of you. I thought that might be the problem. Is that why it looks jagged on the edges when I pipe it out? Or is that because I was mixing at too high a speed?
bunnywoman 03/16/2010 2:10 PM
Wal-Mart powdered sugar is beet sugar. That is your problem.

Whip your softened butter and Crisco (or high ratio shortening) on speed 6 (on a KA) for about 7-8 minutes using the paddle attachment. It will lighten in color and be super creamy!

Turn your mixer to the lowest setting and ..........
Then add your flavorings.

Add your powdered sugar and liquids and mix until just combined.

Once combined, then turn up your mixer to speed 6 again and beat for roughly about 7-8 minutes. It will be AWESOME!!!!!

Give it another shot and check back in..........................
Kesha314 03/16/2010 3:30 PM
i use walmart powdered sugar all the time and never had gritty icing ummm. that's odd. did you use popcorn salt??
buffycakes 03/16/2010 4:03 PM
I'm getting ready to make it with the Wal- Mart brand powdered sugar too. I'll post back and let you know how it turned out.
mrswilkerson 03/16/2010 8:04 PM
I've got a cake to do for this weekend, and I bought some domino 10x and will use that. Thanks for your help. I don't think I was beating it enough either. i did use popcorn salt and I dissolved it in boiling water with my coffee creamer. Should I have not done those together or does it matter?
bunnywoman 03/16/2010 9:36 PM
You did the right thing. That is what I do too. Keep me posted as to your results with the Dominos pure cane sugar.
ladycatisadiva 03/18/2010 9:13 AM
I have used Walmart brand before and it has never been gritty. Although it's when I can't find my Domino
ladycatisadiva 03/18/2010 9:15 AM
Well should have clarified that, I have not used it to make Bunny's BC, but I don't think that makes a difference, but wanted to clarify that.
Kesha314 03/18/2010 9:16 AM
i tried the recipe for the first time on my Moscato cake last nite and ooohhh myyy. BW this is the best buttercream that i've ever tasted!!! I only have one question..does it supposed to not crust??
mrswilkerson 03/18/2010 11:51 AM
ok, I made a batch with Dominos 10xin the yellow box sugar. It still taste gritty to me. I mean, if you're eating it with cake you don't notice. But when i taste it and work it around on my tounge, it STILL feels a little gritty. And, I did everything just like Bunny said in her previous post about the time and speed. When I was finished, it looked kind of puffy and not smooth. Does that make sense? I know if I were to pipe a swirl, it would have jagged and not smooth edges. I did take pictures if you think that would help. Is it just me? What am I doing? I want to get this right, because I LOVE the taste.
mmumsie 03/18/2010 12:33 PM
Not that I'm an expert of BW icing, but jagged edges means to me your icing is too stiff. Try adding a little more liquid to make it creamier. This may eliminate the grit as well.

Domino's 10X POWDERED sugar shouldn't be gritty. Maybe your tongue is ultra sensitive? I have a couple of students a year make icing with granulated sugar when it should be powder.

mrswilkerson 03/18/2010 12:55 PM
talk about sandpaper icing! I'll give more liquid a try. I think I have sensory issues, so maybe it's just me!
cattitude 03/18/2010 1:48 PM
I got gritty icing when I used the new no trans fat Crisco and Walmart powdered sugar. I don't buy Crisco anymore. I buy Kroger aka Fry's veg. shortening now.

Did you use Crisco when you got gritty icing?
ladycatisadiva 03/19/2010 7:47 AM

I think you are looking for a different type of frosting. Do you want a crusting buttercream or a non-crusting buttercream?

Powdered sugar does have a grainy texture, but I always expect that from a buttercream. Yes, it's smooth, but when I rub it between my fingers I feel very small particles of powdered sugar.

You may be right that it's just your taste pallet. You may want to try a non-crusting buttercream.

Hope it works out for you.
mrswilkerson 03/19/2010 12:53 PM
that's what I'm thinking. I'm just not experienced with buttercream. If that's how it's supposed to be I'm cool with it. I like it, I just wanted to make sure I'm doing it right! Don't want people gagging on my cake! Ha Ha!
ladycatisadiva 03/19/2010 1:50 PM
Yes, that's how it's suppose to be. Now there is a difference when it's made incorrectly with Granulated Cane/Beet Sugar. But when you make it with the Domino's or whatever brand works best for you Confectioner's Sugar, then you will have those very small grains of powdered sugar. That's how it is. I bet your frosting is just perfect. You just don't realize it.

bunnywoman 03/19/2010 7:34 PM
Are you more accustomed to eating a whipped icing versus a buttercream icing? Just using those two as an example and they are two different mouth feels to me.

Add a tad more liquid and beat an additional 2 minutes. It should be nice and creamy.