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Topic: Cinnamon Buttercream Icing
mmumsie 02/22/2010 11:43 AM
This is an ample size recipe of Cinnamon Buttercream icing. Great for a Snickerdoodle cake.

4 C. C & H Powder Sugar (1 lb.)
1 stick of butter, room temperature (8 T.)
3 to 4 T milk
1 t pure vanilla extract
1 t ground cinnamon

* With 1 stick of butter in a large mixing bowl, beat with electric mixer on low speed until fluffy, about 30 seconds.
* With mixer off, add powder sugar, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon.
* Blend on low speed til sugar is mixed through. Approx. 1 minute.
* Increase speed to medium and beat until light and fluffy, 1 minute more.
* If icing is too thick add 1 additional T. of milk and blend thoroughly.

T.= tablespoon
t. = teaspoon
C. = cup
fortheloveofcakes 02/23/2010 12:22 PM
This sounds great! Can you please post the recipe for Snickerdoodle cake as well? I would love to try this!!!

mmumsie 02/24/2010 9:45 AM
Here is the cake recipe link.
Chasey 02/26/2010 7:26 AM and moons this was delish Bunnywoman!!!!!!

I made Snickerdoodle cupcakes with it last night and then piped rose swirls on the top with your recipe. Divine!

I posted my creation on Facebook with the comment my son made: I have Snickerdoodle cupcakes in the oven and my son just looked through the door and asked me if there was icing on them. Ha! (he just turned 3)

Immediately, 7 people posted and asked me for your recipe! Lots of Snickerdoodle fans out there.

I brought a tray of cupcakes here to work because I can't keep these yummy things at home with a full 2 sticks of butter in them!!
jpagano 02/26/2010 8:24 PM
I am using this icing as a filling....just wondering if it has to be refrigerated? I am confused on what stuff with milk needs to be refrigerated and what doesn't. I know pudding needs to be refrigerated, but does this icing? I am making a cake with two tiers, one snickerdoodle cake with this icing as filling and one white cake with pudding filling. I am using the Wilton class buttercream to frost the cakes. How long can I refrigerate the cake for before it starts to dry out? I am new to using different fillings, I have no clue about all of the rules of baking/decorating! Thanks for the advice and help.
mmumsie 02/26/2010 10:59 PM
I haven't used it as filling, but why not give it a try! Let us know how it turns out.

There is so little milk I wouldn't be overly concerned about leaving it out, but you can always refrigerate if you are worried. Another option is to use powdered coffee creamer and hot water to dissolve as a milk substitute.
Bre'scakemomma 03/10/2010 3:11 PM
just giving this a bump since the 'sickerdoodle' cake recipe is a hot topic! I'm looking forward to having a reason to make one...i guess hubby's b-day is in a couple weeks!
applegirl4477 09/16/2011 5:13 PM
I just made this icing and fell in love! I wish I could frost all my cakes with this icing! I put it on an Apple Cider cake with cinnamon apple filling! Should be wonderful!
Mickeebabe 09/16/2011 5:59 PM
This recipe looks great. I can't wait to try it.

Do you think this recipe would cover 24 cupcakes or a two-tier 8" round cake?

Thanks mmumsie.
michiganlass 09/16/2011 10:52 PM
I must be missing the Snickerdoodle cake recipe, when I went with the link for the cake it doesn't show up. Can someone post the recipe you are all talking about?? Thanks in advance, love this forum, you are all so helpful
mmumsie 09/17/2011 10:09 AM
Michiganlass - here is the link to the Snickerdoodle Cake Recipe

Mickeebabe - I would be surprised if it would.
michiganlass 09/17/2011 11:21 AM
Got it thanks Mmumsie
Spooky_789 10/21/2011 10:47 AM
I also would like to know how much this recipe yields as I am planning on using it for eithe a 6" or 8" round two layer cake, both as the frosting and filling. Thanks!!
mmumsie 10/21/2011 5:01 PM
Spooky - This yield is slightly less than 3 cups of icing. Plus, with only using butter, it will be soft. So you may need to easily double or triple the recipe and decrease your liquids or do half shortening and half butter. Good luck!
Spooky_789 10/22/2011 12:28 AM
Thanks, will give it a shot on Saturday!
Spooky_789 11/21/2011 4:24 PM
I'm going to be making this recipe again tomorrow and I can't for the life of me remember if when I doubled the recipe the last time if I did 1/2 butter 1/2 HRS. I'm thinking I probably did. I tell ya, I'm only 40 but sometimes the ol' mind acts as if it's 80!
mmumsie 11/21/2011 7:07 PM
I keep thinking cinnamon oil would be yummy in this recipe too, especially if you'd like the icing NOT to be speckled with cinnamon.
Spooky_789 11/22/2011 3:06 PM
Mmumsie, I just stopped by my local bakery that also sells supplies and I picked up so Lorann's Cinnamon Oil. I asked her how much of it she would suggest using in your recipe and she said about 3-4 drops for a double batch. She did say that it gives a totally different flavor than using ground cinnamon. She likes the oil flavored BC better than the ground spice BC. Hmmm, now I'm torn as I don't know if I should use the oil or spice for the cake I'm decorating tonight! I really liked the spice BC, but like you said, it would be nice to have a cake without the little specks in it too.
mmumsie 11/22/2011 3:11 PM
Could you split the batch? Meaning divide the icing and add the grd. cinnamon for in between the layers and the oil for the outside. That might be too crazy though and the flavors would be slightly different. Let me know what you finally decided!
Spooky_789 11/22/2011 5:42 PM
I'm so tempted to make two batches! Taste them both and then go with the one I like better. But to get enough for the frosting and filling (as I'm thinking of torting the cakes - haven't decided for sure about that yet), I'd probably need to triple the batch since I'm doing the petal effect and don't want to be running out of buttercream! Argh!

It doesn't help that I'm delivering a birthday cake tonight to my cousin and staying for games and so we may get home pretty late anyway. Ugh! Ugh! I need a personal assistant! lol