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Topic: Can you add in a dry instant pudding mix to buttercream for flavor?
hunnybee 01/23/2010 7:57 PM
I am sure this question is posted and answered out there somewhere but I could not find it. I am looking for variations in buttercream other than using extracts and I am wondering if a dry instant pudding added in would work? Have you tried it and what your opinion? Thanks !
ladycatisadiva 01/23/2010 8:20 PM
Never done that nor ever heard of anyone wanting to do that to buttercream. Only cake mix. Maybe an experiment for you! Then let us know...
mmumsie 01/23/2010 8:33 PM
I have added this to the Wilton's Whipped Vanilla Icing Mix. It's more of a whipped cream icing type. What about kool-aid?

I agree, sounds like it's time for an experiment. You may discover something new!
thecakeisalie 01/24/2010 7:15 AM
I tried this once, the buttercream was really grainy after adding the mix. Maybe you'll have better luck, but I doubt I'll try it again.
KTB 01/24/2010 8:18 PM
I did this with banana pudding to try to make a banana filling and found like thecakeisalie that the buttercream was very grainy. I wasn't a fan.
hunnybee 01/24/2010 9:01 PM
Thanks everyone for your replies, but I think I will pass on this experiment. I don't need grainy buttercream!
MARIE J 01/25/2010 8:13 AM
I'm with mmumsie - I would try the small packets of Kool-Aid
ladycatisadiva 01/25/2010 8:53 AM
Maybe if you dissolve it in your liquid first, that way it should not be grainy? Just a thought. Come on now, someone should try it, I bet it would work if you dissolved it first into the liquid, then add it when you mix in the powdered sugar.

hunnybee, this is how you learn if things will work or not. I think you should try it but dissolve the it in the liquid first. Of course it will have to be warm enough to dissolve it.
hunnybee 01/25/2010 9:05 AM
thanks for the 'inspirational words'...i think i will try it...and definetely get back to you all.
ladycatisadiva 01/25/2010 9:10 AM
Way to go hunnybee Post a new thread and let us know how it came out.
jakecorr 01/26/2010 2:56 AM
So, you can add kool-aid packets to BC and create different BC flavors???
Chasey 01/26/2010 9:58 AM
Hmm, mixing the INSTANT pudding with warm water says you get pudding to me! Maybe if you are adding so much water and so little powder you don't get a congealing pudding and can mix it into your BC? But then would it impart the flavor of the pudding with a small amount?

Please do try it and give us a review!!
jakecorr 01/27/2010 7:40 PM
Bumped to see if anyone has the answer to my question. you can add kool-aid packets to BC and create different BC flavors???

MARIE J 01/28/2010 8:19 AM
jakecorr - I've added it to cakes as well, with great results !!

Only thing is to use the small packets - they are more concentrated, & work best 1 pkt per batch of cake batter (approx 6 cups)

So far, I've used, black cherry - w mini choc chips

Let me know how you get on
N8sMom96 01/28/2010 9:00 AM
I have used koolaid as well - lemon/lime only, and it was great. I plan on trying different flavors as well. Another thing I do is add it to fondant as well. I have done strawberry one and it makes the fondant taste very good. Keep in mind that the koolaid will color your icings as well.
MARIE J 01/28/2010 9:05 AM
oohh - I haven't tried the strawberry Mia - I'll have to give that a go !!
german_girl_with_curls 04/04/2010 11:54 PM
I have used small amounts of Jello pudding mix before, like tsp. of it, and it turned out just fine. Jello mix (the jiggly stuff, not the pudding) has worked really well for me...but again, just a few tsp. for color and flavor, not the entire thing. I've made both strawberry and lemon frostings using Jello.
FH 04/05/2010 1:57 PM
I saw where a lot of people were adding a box of instant pudding to their bettercream frosting (Rich's brand or there was another brand too?) to flavor them. Seems you can add different flavors and it works really well with that type of frosting and use it as a filling too. I was thinking of trying it.
spymac 04/05/2010 9:10 PM
If you want that specific flavor, why not make vanilla buttercream and just use the pudding as filling? you could crumbcoat the bottom so it doesn't soak in.
german_girl_with_curls 04/05/2010 10:27 PM
Wow FH, thanks for the tip on the Bettercream. I decorate ice cream cakes professionally, so Rich's is what I use...I have never thought to add pudding to the frosting. I'm going to experiment tomorrow with this! :-)