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Topic: how does royal icing taste
Ginger9708 12/20/2009 9:51 AM
I made sugar cookies with the regular confectioners icing recipe but the next day the icing part was very dull. I read somewhere that royal icing comes out shiny but does it taste good? If not is there anything else i can use.
bunnywoman 12/20/2009 9:54 AM
To me......royal icing dries like a rock. When mixing it up it smells awful to me and enough to make me gag. I am weird I know. LOL! I HAVE to flavor mine while mixing. I use anything that is water based for a flavoring.

I don't use the straight royal for cookies. I use Alice's Modified Royal (AMR) or rolled buttercream or MMF to decorate my cookies.
BooBear 12/20/2009 9:59 AM
I flavor my royal icing. I can't get past the taste of the meringue powder otherwise. I have used Wilton's cookie icing (in the squeeze bottle) and it was okay. The kids certainly had no complaints.
sweetgrandma 12/20/2009 2:15 PM
I use royal icing to decorate my cookies and gingerbread people and everyone seems to enjoy them. I know I do! The RI has a mild sweet taste.........definitely not a bad taste. They sure get gobbled up fast!
Kesha314 12/21/2009 8:11 AM
bunny, where can i find the Alice's Modified Royal recipe? i would like to try it. Thanx in advance
Ginger9708 12/21/2009 3:52 PM
thanks everyone!
vthorse 12/21/2009 4:50 PM
search for it, and you'll get lots of popups!

I just did all my sugar cookies using buttercream frosting. I set them on top of other drop cookies (in the packages), so no smudges, no breakage.
cakedujour 12/21/2009 5:24 PM
Did you ever have those dot candies on strips of paper when you were a kid? Those are made of Royal Icing, and that is what RI tastes like.
cheatize 12/22/2009 11:36 PM
I replace 1 T. of the water with 1 T. of Wilton clear vanilla. It's not super sweet and still dries hard. I've only tasted it when applied to cookies so it doesn't chip a tooth or anything when you eat it. I don't know if the cookie part has anything to do with it, but thought it might be worth a mention.