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Topic: Buttercream to harden?
JPwein 01/24/2008 10:55 AM
Hi, I use the Wilton buttercream icing for my cookies but I need them to harden enough to bring to another location and wrap them. Someone mentioned I can just add a little Meringue Powder to the icing I use but does anyone know if that works? Will it change the consistency of the icing I am using so much that I will not be able to decorate?

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Jeanne G 01/25/2008 11:11 AM
Adding meringue powder will not make the frosting harden. A crusting buttercream may get firm enough so a cookie could be slipped into a bag, but if it gets so hard that the cookies can be stacked it really isn't at optimum eating quality.

You may want to use a royal icing or a recipe that is intended to get hard.
Piece-A-Cake 02/19/2008 10:45 AM
Royal icing is a good idea, but it gets really hard and some people might not like the taste. I use Snow-White Buttercream icing and it gets a little crust on it and that is what I use for cookies.