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Topic: Loranns cream cheese emulsion for Butter cream?
mymendedrose 07/17/2013 12:50 PM
I have never used this product before, but I have a request for cream cheese frosting that does not need to be refrigerated. I've made the traditional cream cheese recipe from Texas food law, (love the taste) but when I make it per the directions it is very very soft, and will not work for this project.

I was thinking about making buttercream and adding the cream cheese emulsion.. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or tips??

Getting nervous lol
Aunt Tilly 07/17/2013 1:07 PM
I have their Cream Cheese emulsion and couldn't wait to try it. I didn't care for it at all but perhaps I used to much. Since mine was only experimentation, I only flavored a small amount and may have used way too much. I haven't tried it again yet......I think others here have used it so hopefully, they will have had a better experience.

My daughter made a cake recently with LorAnn's coconut flavoring both in batter and a 'test' icing. The cake was very lightly flavored ~ just a hint. The icing however, tasted like bananas......we couldn't figure it out ~ we asked for visitors opinions without saying anything, just ' please taste this for me'. Everyone said it was banana.........mislabled bottle???? Anyway, we had fresh coconut for the BC icing filling and the cake turned out sooooooooo good!!!! But these two experiences are beginning to affect my desire to try more LorAnn flavors. I love the Orange, Lemon and Butter Vanilla!! The BV is my favorite for almost any icing or cake batter.

Let me know how it goes.......I should try my cream cheese flavor again ~ it would be lovely to get a good cc flavor without cc!!
Spooky_789 07/17/2013 2:54 PM
The more you mix cream cheese, the softer it gets. Next time try only mixing until the sugar in all incorporated, and no more.
mmumsie 07/17/2013 11:51 PM
I've never tried the cream cheese emulsion but a friend of mine uses their Butter Vanilla emulsion on a regular basis. Another thought is to just use their cream cheese flavoring instead.
emmer_d 07/18/2013 8:43 AM
I've used their cc flavoring many times where the cake will be sitting out for hours. Too much can be an overkill, so maybe scale it back next time.
mymendedrose 07/18/2013 12:31 PM
Thanks guys..

And I will definitely try that Spooky, I probably did mix it too much.

Ok, I am going to maybe do a little test batch. The ONLY Cream Cheese flavoring I have found in town is the emulsion, and that is a new addition lol. This cake is a baby shower cake, and the drive time from point of pick up to the site is about 2 hours.. Sooo, I am iffy about using real cream cheese..Although I have used the Texas Cottage Law Traditional Cream cheese recipe (the one that says it does not need to be refrigerated) and it was out for hours and was just fine.. But, still, it makes me leery.

anyone use the traditional cream cheese recipe and leave it out?
Spooky_789 07/18/2013 4:00 PM
Do you have access to dry ice? If so, you can pack some dry ice in the box with the cake, and it will keep it cool to allow for safe transport. Have the cake in the fridge, just prior to pick up, put it in the box, add the dry ice in the corners, cover the box up well, and send it out.
ginnyl 07/18/2013 9:16 PM
I have used the lorann cream cheese flavoring. Not the emulsion. And have had great flavor success. Mixes in into my butter cream.
mymendedrose 07/22/2013 8:31 PM
Awesome! Thanks guys! Sorry it took me a minute to get back to respond. I have never considered dry ice.. Or how to get it lol. But that's a great suggestion.

I opened the bottle and it smells buttery and tastes pretty buttery lol. I may just do the Texas food law cream cheese. It tastes great.

The order is a belly cake and 12 little sleeping baby cupcakes, so it's fondant covered. So I know it will sweat some when its removed. But I think keeping it real good and cold in the fridge is the way to go. I have lots of those freezer packs. Ali may just pack it and use those.
mymendedrose 07/22/2013 8:31 PM
I may*
becamico 07/23/2013 10:55 PM
Save the emulsion for flavoring things that will be baked...use the flavoring for icings. Just my humble opinion