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Topic: 8 x 3 decorator pans
nonni53 10/01/2012 1:44 PM
Just purchased two new pans, and yes the sides are straight. Both Wilton, one called Celebrate It!, the other called Performance pan. Identical pans but the Celebrate pan has this stupid label around the outside that won't come off, leaving a glue and paper residue. Now I have to scrape and use Goo Gone which is irritating as well as toxic.
Spooky_789 10/01/2012 3:54 PM
You bake your cake on the inside of the pan, not the outside. Plus, once you wash it well with hot water and dish soap after using the Goo Gone, your pan will be fine. No worries.
ginnyl 10/02/2012 3:31 PM
I think I have a pan with the label still on that must be 2 or 3 years old..Still bakes a mean cake with the label.
mmumsie 10/02/2012 8:37 PM
I love Goo Gone! No need to scrape! I too have left some on the outside without any problem.