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Topic: Rose Petal Cutter
Leucippus 07/27/2012 3:00 PM

I posted this in the Course 4 forum, but have noticed that it doesn't get much traffic or activity. So I'm trying here too, since I have a "product" related question.

I'm thinking of taking the new course 4 in August or September and I'm having trouble finding a cutter that is required. I already have the Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set and do not want to buy the Course 4 kit. I found most of the extra stuff that we need such as the sweet pea cutter and the impression mat sold individually.

But I can't seem to find the "Rose Petal Cutter" sold separately anywhere. I also am unsure what it is used for since I don't think that roses are taught in course 4. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to where I can get this cutter separately? Or is there a similar cutter that would be an acceptable alternative? I would rather not pay 50$ (in Canada) for the course 4 kit just for that cutter.

atomicladie 07/27/2012 5:20 PM
The rose petal cutter is used to make a briar rose, a five petal open flower with stamens in the center. If you can find a set of tear drop cutters in different sizes one of thosin the set would work. Truthfully, any size tear drop will give you the general idea of how to make the flower, I wouldn't worry to much about it.
mmumsie 07/28/2012 6:57 PM
This is what they are referring to. Stepsaving Rose Bouquet Flower Cutter Set

This would do to Rose Petal Cutter Set
whoknew? 07/30/2012 12:07 AM
Leucippus~~I took the Advanced GP Flowers course 4 (LOVED IT!!!) without purchasing the student kit since I had so much fondant stuff setting unused in my cake closet. I ended up using the Rose Petal Cutter Set (PME Stainless Steel 43-190RP), the same one posted above by mmumsie. It worked just fine! And, you can use for other stuff as well. I like the PME metal teardrop shapes because they make a much cleaner cut than the plastic cutters.

In a pinch (this is a pun that I'll explain in a moment), you can also use round aluminum cutters for the briar rose.

Here's an example:

All you have to do is "Pinch" one side of the circle a little bit and you have a fat, roundish, teardrop!
You could also tweak this set of cut-outs:
mmumsie 07/30/2012 1:17 PM
Another option is the Teardrop Cutter Set w/storage tin. This set is great because it allows you to do a variety of sizes with a lot of different flowers that you'll make after Course 4.
Bakes_Bunches 07/30/2012 10:02 PM
In the kit you already have, there are Rose Cutters - small and large. They are an aqua green in color and are in the 3rd row on the right. See link below. The small Rose Cutter is the exact size of the Tear Drop Rose Petal Cutter. You just trim or cut on the inside to form a Rose Petal Cutter. The good news is you can make 5 Rose Petals at once.

GP Flower Cutter Set

From my understanding, Wilton is suppose to start selling the Petal Cutter in August.

If you have a bunch of the Rose Cutters from class and the old 32 piece kit there are Tear Drop Cutters in there. This will give you a variety of sizes.

I hope this helps!

Leucippus 08/01/2012 2:46 PM
Thank you to everyone who replied. I see that there are lots of options to choose from that are not that expensive.

As it turns out, I do own the Gumpaste Flower kit that Bakes_Bunches refers to, and I think that is the easiest option for me.

Another WMI responded to my question with a similar answer in the Course 4 forum. Here is the thread if you are interested.