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Topic: Wilton Open Book Cake Pan
lstanley 08/01/2011 2:52 PM
I recently purchased the Wilton Open Book 2 Mix cake pan. I haven't used it yet, but when I read the instructions that came with it, it said to use 3 cake mixes. Can anyone who has used the pan before tell me if this is indeed a 2 or 3 cake mix pan? I thought I read the instructions wrong so I went over them again and it does say 3 cake mixes. The instruction you can download from this Wilton site say 2 cake mixes. Not sure why they are different. I went back and checked my email confirmation and I did order the 2 mix cake pan.

riverchild 08/01/2011 2:55 PM
I have this same pan and it DOES use 3 cake mixes. I did the same thing on the Wilton site and you are correct, they did not mention anythng about a 3 mix book pan. Trust me though you'll need all 3.
CollectorEJ 08/01/2011 3:58 PM
I agree with beanie70 you do need 3 cake mixes. After I bought the cake pan and decided to use it I realized that it took 3 cake mixes -- I wondered why they call it a 2 mix pan?
lstanley 08/01/2011 9:12 PM
Thanks for your responses. I will definately use 3 mixes.
cq75 08/03/2011 3:21 PM
Maybe because we are getting less "stuff" in the mixes? I know that in the last 2 to 3 years, I have a seen a major change in the finished amount. It's a packaging trick. Instead of the price going up (like everything else has in the last couple of years), the amount of product in the package lessens. Which is why I now have to use an extender to make a true 9-inch round layer cake that is 2'inches per layer!