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Topic: sugarveil
jkate 06/05/2011 5:39 PM
Anyone got the new sugarveil mats? They are very expensive and would love a review before I splash out on these. Are there any other lace mats you think do the same job?
Many thanks!
cakedujour 06/05/2011 7:12 PM
I have one...the one that has the two long lace patterns on it. It is extremely detailed and beautiful. You can use the reverse side for other Sugar Veil uses. I haven't seen other lace mats that would begin to rival this for detail. There is a learning curve though. My first tries were disaster. I emailed SV for help and Michele Hester wrote back with some helpful information. The next attempt was much better but I still had a little problem where it was kind of sticking at a couple spots as I peeled the mat away from the lace. But the result was okay. I had a perfectly flexible length of edible lace that was as pretty as what you see on the SV website. I really want to have more time to practice with it and experiment more. I did some freehand work that was fun and I'd like to do more of that as well. I had wanted to have people try this at FF but we were pressed for time and didn't get to do anything really but watch the videos. I'm still very intrigued with SV and by next year I want to have this stuff nailed down. Have you done any SV work? Any advice to offer?
bunnywoman 06/05/2011 8:10 PM
I know......we just ran out of time at FF. I really wanted to try and spread it out on the lace mat and let it sit for a couple hours and pull it off and show everyone just how flexible it is!
jkate 06/06/2011 12:57 AM
cakedujour, I have used it for about 10 months, just playing around as I am a hobby decorator. You need several days of hard core "playing" and start with a VERY clean work area so not to get anything on the mat. I season mine with crisco and it works well. I kind of peal the mat and the sugarveil away from each other rather than one from the other, if you get me. If you add a powder colour include it in the product weight or you will get problems. I just love the stuff, but here in Australia its soooooo expensive. The new mats that are ribbons of words, look wonderful, but at $75 each I will have to think twice and three times! Doing some on my daughters cake, one down side of the stuff is very few people think its sugar, they think it fabric and don't rave and gush as one might expect, you have to point out you made it!
jkate 06/06/2011 3:30 AM
Bt the way, I had bad results from removing the dry veil by doing what is shown in the video. I got "stuck" every time, just find what works for you!
cakedujour 06/06/2011 8:07 AM
Ah, I have wondered about Crisco! I will try that. I'll also mess around with how I peel the lace. I've just tried to do it the way shown on the video. I have noticed that any piece of lint or speck of anything tends to find its way to the mat. I know what you mean about the cost. I won't buy another till I have this one down. Do you have the dispenser too, jkate? I haven't bought that. I don't want to have a fortune's worth of stuff that I can't get to work properly.
jkate 06/06/2011 3:56 PM
No cakedujour, don't have the dispenser, I would love it, have RSI in my right hand due to the pressure of icing bags and hand sewing. I have one of those puffers my husband uses for his camera to get dust off and I "dust" it before use. A spotless clean counter top is the answer, I wash my hands before handling, I'm a messy baker and have had to reform to get good results!!!!! But once you got the method of the product, you are away.
Bella Daisy Cakes 08/03/2011 5:07 PM
Thank you.

The dust off & crisco sound like really good ideas, that I will have to try.
Bella Daisy Cakes 08/03/2011 5:37 PM
As I understood from the DVD, you don't wait till the sugarveil is dry, before you separate it from the mat. It gets delicate at that stage & breaks easily.

There is a discount if you buy all the mats at the same time. That is what I am going to do. Separately they are $76.00 each so the 5 mats would equal $455.00 (they add on a s&h charge, of $15.00 on an order under $100.00). If you buy the set, it is $312.00 (& no s&h) so it is a savings of $143.00. That means that if you buy the set, you are getting the fifth mat for free & you will have $67.00 left over for a massage & a pedi. I ask you how can a person lose, on a deal like that. How do you like my math?

The 2 mats that I really want is the Celebration Ribbon mat & the Dot veil mat. The 2 would total almost 1/2 of the price of 5. Can't see that working for me.

Bella Daisy Cakes 08/03/2011 5:50 PM
The sugarveil spread on the lace mat, reminds me of a vinyl tablecloth, that I had once. It is very intricate & nicely detailed.
becamico 08/03/2011 6:09 PM
Speaking of...

Is that OUR Chrystal???
jkate 08/03/2011 6:30 PM
I'm think I might splash out with your dollar going down it makes it all less expensive for me, one US dollars is now only 93 cents Australian.
cakedujour 08/03/2011 8:20 PM
I'm glad our miserable dollar is working for you, jkate, lol, it sure isn't working for us!
Computermama 08/03/2011 8:28 PM
Most likely it is - She looks very similar to the avatar, is from LV where that demo was, and there can't be that many LV cake decorators named Chrystal.
jkate 08/03/2011 8:35 PM
cakedujour, think I'm holding up the USA economy with my internet shopping lol, being a historic costumer, I'm buying fabric from all over your country. Lots of stores are offering free postage too. Not so good for our shopping malls, they are empty as everyone else is also shopping via the computer. It must be making your imported goods very expensive!
cakedujour 08/03/2011 10:04 PM
becamico, I've watched that video a dozen times and never made the connection between the model and "our" Chrystal. Same name (first and last), same pretty face, same city, both talented cake decorators...

Hey, Chrystal!!! You've been holding out on us! Talk to us about Sugar Veil!
Bella Daisy Cakes 08/03/2011 11:49 PM
Sorry cakedujour...your miserable dollar is working fine for me too, here in Canada.

As near as I can tell our $'s should be at par all the time. It's not fair either way. For a long time our $ was way low. We stopped our travelling down there all together. We just came back from a week in Kalispell, Montana.

I live in Alberta, we are an oil rich province, but our gas is more expensive, than if we travel 25 miles from here, into Montana. Please tell me how that works.

They pick it up here, haul it down there & it's still cheaper. I DON"T GET IT !!!
cakedujour 08/04/2011 7:42 AM
Bella, it must have to do with where it is refined, I don't know. I'm paying $4.00 a gallon here, the most expensive in the nation.
sweetgrandma 08/04/2011 9:08 AM
Well well Chrystal!!! A star among us!!!!

Rats....another expensive new toy that probably won't work for me but that I know I'm going to HAVE to buy!!!
Bella Daisy Cakes 08/04/2011 4:20 PM

Our oil is refined in Alberta. I still don't get it !!!