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Topic: Cupcake batter dispenser.
Mama Bear 01/24/2011 10:53 PM
Has anyone heard of the cupcake batter dispenser that is sold on the following website ?
I can't find it for sale anywhere else.
Chasey 01/26/2011 12:26 PM
It has the As Seen on TV logo on it so I bet you would find it in one of those stores. We have an actual As Seen on TV store in one of the malls here.

Did you see how hard she has to squeeze to get the batter out? If you watch her hands, they kind of shake a little from the effort.

Someone posted a batter dispenser from Bed, Bath and Beyond that looks much easy to operate and costs $14.99. Check it out!
diamondgirl 01/26/2011 12:30 PM
I bought this one at Bed Bath & Beyond and it works really well. Plus you save a little more with those 20% off coupons. Hope that helps Mama Bear!
diamondgirl 01/26/2011 12:33 PM
The trigger is also very easy to squeeze and if you're filling a 24 cupcake pan you kind of get into a rhythm with it.
diamondgirl 01/26/2011 12:34 PM
I'm sorry. I meant if you're filling up 2 12 cupcake pans.
Neanea9000 01/26/2011 12:50 PM
I have always just used an ice cream scooper, that way they are the same size. I never knew they made such a thing.
ginnyl 01/26/2011 3:34 PM
Am a long time fan of the ice cream scooper but that one from Bed Bath and Beyond does look interesting..Will have to take a look at it.
I do a lot of mini cupcakes and not sure if that will give me as much control as the scoop.
Will advise when I test them out.~~~
Mickeebabe 01/26/2011 9:36 PM
I bought it before the holidays and used it for all my Christmas cupcakes. I just love it.
chefjonms 01/30/2011 2:23 PM
I use a no 20 ice cream scoop. works fine for me
binkbink 01/30/2011 9:10 PM
diamondgirl thanks for posting that cupcake dispenser! I am all about easy for certain things. Last night my daughter made cupcakes(she has been practicing a lot lately)and after watching her use a scoop I think she needs this toy!
Mama Bear 01/30/2011 10:14 PM
Thanks everyone . I think I'll try the one that daimondgirl mentioned as we have Bed Bath & Beyond closeby.
thin4life 02/05/2011 8:56 PM
I bought the Pancake Pen at Williams Sonoma which is similiar to the Squeezie Cakes thing but at half the price. It works great for cupcakes as well as pancakes! I have the one that Bed Bath and Beyond sells and it sucks. It doesn't work with thick batter and leaks with thin batter, don't waste your money on that one.