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grandmacupcake09 08/27/2010 3:49 PM
Linda McClure, the inventor of the Cricut cake, (she's the one who started the using electronic cutters for gum paste ) was at the 2010 ICES in San Diego. I saw that she is now using the Silhouette. She gave a great demo and the one thing about the Silhouette I really liked was the print and cut feature. The Silhouette works just like a Cricut, you can cut out any design you want, but you don't use cartridges. The machine hooks up to your computer and you do your own designs. I have a Cricut, but when I saw this machine I had to have one. The Cricut cannot do the print and cut. You print a picture on gum paste or a frosting sheet and the machine will cut the outline. It was easy to do and worked great. This is a great new tool and I am using it a lot in my shop.
mmumsie 08/27/2010 8:43 PM
What's the price tag on something like that?
CollectorEJ 08/27/2010 9:57 PM
My sister has a Silhouette and loves it. She uses it for her scrapbooking. The Silhouette is connected to your computer, which means that whatever font you have in your computer you can cut out. You don't need to purchase cartridges -- you purchase your designs from the company and then they are in your library. They add designs to their library all the time. The only thing that is a draw back is the fact that you can't use it if you don't have internet hookup. She uses it on scrapbooking weekends because most hotels have internet. You can do your own drawings -- for example a friend of hers drew a mustache that had little hooks so that everyone at the big party of another friend of hers would be able to wear a mustache -- since the guy having the party had shaved off his mustache for the first time in years.

The web site is
Right now they are having some specials.
Hobby Lobby carries the machine and supplies.
There is a list of other stores on the Silhouette web site as well as the locations of all Hobby Lobby that carry the Silhouette.
KTB 08/28/2010 1:26 PM
YOu can do that with your Cricut too - you just need to purchase and download either Make the Cut or Sure Cuts A lot and then you can cut anything you want and not be limited to the cartridges.
MARIE J 08/29/2010 7:08 AM
mmumsie - about as much as the Cricut Cake from the look of the website - $299.99 !!
kakesbyk 08/30/2010 6:42 AM
Provocraft has come out with a new one that does print and cut. The debut will be on HSN on 9/14. It is called the Imagine......... looks awesome!! I'm SURE they will follow up with one that is food safe such as the Cricut Cake.
buffycakes 08/30/2010 12:57 PM
Is it food safe like the Cricut cake?
kakesbyk 08/30/2010 4:08 PM
no, the Imagine is basically the expression teamed up with an HP printer, but I'm sure the next step will be a "food safe" machine. They did extremely well with the cricut cake.
grandmacupcake09 08/31/2010 1:20 PM
Here is where you can get the Silhouette cake package.
The question is about food safe. The only thing food safe about the Cricut Cake is the mat and stainless steel blade. I did a lot of research about this topic and if you read the fine print the machine is not FDA approved. With that being said, you can use any food safe mat you can get for cutting food on. All of the cutting blades are made from stainless steel, it is the same product your exacto knife or cutting knives are made from. The ONLY thing to actually touch the gum paste or frosting sheet is the mat and blade. That makes your Silhouette just as food safe as the Cricut Cake.
As far as coming out with a Cricut Cake that does a print and cut I would not count on it. I say this because they haven't come out with food safe markers for the cricut yet. That would be easy to do. Right now I can print any picture I want to put on my cake on a frosting sheet and cut it out with my Silhouette.