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Topic: Gluten Free Icing - Please help me!
Busybee17 04/10/2010 9:50 PM
Hi, I made a Gluten Free cake for a friend and I was not thinking and I added Meringue power to the icing mix. Does anybody knows if that is okay or if I have to re-do this cake, it's for tomorrow at 3:00 pm???
Please Help I am in a panic now
mmumsie 04/10/2010 10:01 PM
Meringue Powder is pasterized egg whites. I do not believe they have any gluten in them. You can always make your icing without it as well. I never add it to my buttercream.
BooBear 04/11/2010 7:04 AM
I don't think that you need to redo it. All meringue is is cornstarch, powdered egg whites, and gums to bind it together.
KTB 04/11/2010 7:52 AM
I'm not an expert by any means but I do remember being told by someone who was looking to get me to make a gluten free cake that she couldn't have just any icing sugar because it contains cornstarch which is a plroblem for people needing to be gluten free.

Not sure whether or not meringue powder does have it in (I don't use it myself) just going by what BooBear posted.
BlackWidowNor 04/11/2010 5:19 PM
Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other cereals. Gluten is not present in corn starch, which makes it an excellent substitute for flour in many recipes.

That's from ..

And this site says meringue powder is gluten free.

hope it helps.

Busybee17 04/11/2010 5:33 PM
Thank you so much everybody, I delivered my cake today :-)

Here is a picture of the final product. The cupcakes are regular chocolate-coffee cake and red velvet with buttercream.

Thanks again,
mmumsie 04/11/2010 9:43 PM
Well, I just say both cakes turned out wonderful!!! Hope she was pleased too!