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Topic: Edible Images - Epson NX415 Printer - Special Promo and Sweetgrandma
bassettscreek 01/20/2010 10:53 AM
Posting here for those who may have questions about my new baby .. the Epson NX415 for Edible Images, which I used to print the image on my Bama Valentines Cake in Lifes Celebrations.

Sweetgrandma, you asked where I purchased my printer ... directly from Epson .. anyone can. I order all my printers and consumable online from Epson, except regular every day paper.

Sweetgrandma .... purchased directly from Epson, online. Check out this link .... Epson has special promo right now ... $50 instant rebate = $49.99 .... and FREE shipping.

Frosting sheets have One Year Shelf Life ... but can you imagine the possibilities ..... one the word gets out, you could make back you investment in no time ^_^

Be happy to answer any questions or concerns, etc. email me if you like ^_^
dead goose 01/20/2010 11:31 AM
Hi bassettscreek ,
Thanks for the info I'ma thinking of pursching one . could you please let me know where you purchase your frosting sheets and and food safe ink? Thanks
frogmom 01/20/2010 12:04 PM
I have an Epson NX300 printer that I got from Sam's club for $50.00- I get my inks & frosting directly from KopyKake. They have fantastic customer service by phone for any problems you may experience w/ printing! I love, love, love mine- the possibilities are endless for the things you can do
sweetgrandma 01/20/2010 2:58 PM
thanks for the info...I had actually done a search and found them. I also found Best Buy has them on sale for the same price....really good buy! At Walmart they were more than twice that. I'm trying to justify my need for it since my cakes are mostly freebies! and I've spent all my Christmas money on other cake stuff! However...that's such a bargain!
mmumsie 01/20/2010 3:52 PM
You can also print on rice paper too. I've seen some fabulous butterflies! Colorful and bright! Hhhm. I may have to get one of those. I'll have to check out our local Sam's club. Thanks for the info.
bassettscreek 01/20/2010 5:28 PM
Purchased my consummable supplies directly from Kopykake. they do have a great Customer Service Dept. had a glitch when first installed the kolor katridges, and they helped me resolve the issue quickly. They were extremely knowledgable .... felt had to call them for assistance since was using THEIR ink product. Was only getting a charge from one ink kartridge. Took only a few minutes to have me online printing out my Valentine images. Wahoooooo

This is ia real bargain for this printer. You can also print directly from a memory card, as well as SCAN images for storage on your computer or a CD. Had a teriffic Epson Scanner, but it was stolen along with my computer and everything attached thereto ... my high end Epson printer and all. Was sick.

Anyway, this is a steal ... you can copy, scan and print right from the printer or from the computer, which ever you choose. Don't know where you'll find all those options with a quality printer for $50.

Good luck everyone .... and if enough of us have printers the Mumms also handles the consummables. Shipping time is about the same for me, being so far south. But so many of you are in her general vicinity.

Yes Mumms, wasa thinking about the rice paper for fluttery things, like the butterflies. You could print in any size you want and perch upon your flowers or what not.

Decisions, decisions .... y'all have fun and good luck. ^_^ DeLores
jomac30 01/22/2010 6:25 PM
Is this printer made just for edible images? When I searched it only mentioned it as a regular printer.
jomac30 01/22/2010 7:04 PM
I went to their site and found the printer, but could notfind the Free Shipping?????
bassettscreek 01/22/2010 10:12 PM
jomac ^_^

Kopykake is a company in California who developed edible ink kartridges using a type of food coloring which is specifically designed for use with some Canon or Epson model printers.

You purchase a compatible printer from the most desirable source (usually based on features and price). For instance, after some research, I purchased the Epson NX415.

Then, you purchase the edible consummable items from Kopykake or one of their distributors. The consummable items are the frosting sheets and specially designed kolor ink kartridges.

When I posted the link on Wednesday, Epson was offering free shipping ... did not see a note which specified the promotion period for either the free shipping or the $50 instant rebate.

Kopykake also sells a complete line of high end products for producing edible images on cakes. You might like to browse their site for more info. The Epson promo is an incredible value for anyone who wants an affordable option for edible images for their cakes.

Hope this helps ^_^

bassettscreek 01/22/2010 10:16 PM
Jomac ^_^ the printers are regular printers, purchased directly for the Manufacturer or one of their distributors. Those of us who create art images for cakes dedicate the use of the printers to edible images, using the products designed by Kopykake. White the inks that ship with the printers are not toxic, they are not considered to be a "food safe" product designed for and approved by the FDA

The Kopykake consummable products are designed for and approved by the FDA for "food use."
jomac30 01/23/2010 10:02 AM
Thanks for the info. I'm looking into getting one.
cheatize 01/25/2010 11:46 PM
A printer for edible images is basically almost any printer that has never been used before (and therefore hasn't been contaminated with regular ink). Before Christmas, Target had and Epson for $24 on sale, regularly $27. From what I've read, the Epson brand has something that you have to replace in order to use it with edible ink. Printer head? Something on the cartridge? I can't quite remembe what it was but people found it annoying, messy, and difficult. It's also the reason that edible ink cartridges dry out faster for the Epson. As long as you have a scanner, card reader, and such you don't need a printer with all those gee-gaws as you already have a way to get the image into your computer and that's all you need to get it to the edible ink printer.

The general consensus is that the Canon printers are preferable for this use due to the issue I mentioned above.

This is all very condensed from what I've read over the past 6 months on I really, really want one but haven't been able to justify the expense to myself yet much less considered how I'm going to justify it to hubby. Can you believe he did NOT get me one for Christmas despite my nearly outright asking several times? What are the odds I can just give him a "cake want" list before Valentines Day and he'll get me something from it? LOL

Whichever brand/model you decide to purchase, go to a few sites that sell edible ink first to make sure you purchase a printer that someone sells the edible ink for or you'll be "up a creek."

BTW- did you know Cricut is coming out with a machine just for cake? Of course, it's going to be about $100 more that the regular Cricut, but it's nice to know someone out there is trolling cake forums to get ideas from us! Well, kind of nice and kind of creepy. LOL
bassettscreek 01/27/2010 7:55 PM
UPDATE Cheatize! Hooray! the "Chip Set" you're talking about is not necessary with the latest models.

A special "chip set" was required with the kolor kartridges for both the Canon and Epson printers. All the regular ink cartridges have a "chip" on the end of the ink cartridge. The printers read the chip to determine the amount of ink in each cartridge. When you refill the Kopykake kolor kartridges it is necessary reset the "chip" on the end of the cartridge .... the "chip set' is used for this purpose to fool the printer into thinking it is a brand new ink cartridge.

Again, thankfully the "chipset" is not necessary with the latest model printers. You can remove the Kopykake kolor kartridges between print jobs if you like, store in plastic zip lock bag and pop them back in when you're ready to print the next image. Thankfully, you can do the same thing with the Epson ink cartridges.

Happy edible images my friends ^_^
sweetgrandma 01/31/2010 8:38 AM
I'm still thinking about buying an epson printer but when I was looking @ KopyKake for the ink cartridges and paper I couldn't figure out what kind of ink I'd need. They sell single colors and set of different colors. What did ya'll buy?
frogmom 01/31/2010 9:50 AM
Before I bought my printer, I had gone on SugarCraft's web site & printed their list of printers w/ compatible cartridges & carried it around with me so I made sure I was buying a printer that was on the list. I think KopyKake may have the same list.
bassettscreek 02/01/2010 11:50 AM
Sweetgrandma ..... they sell the colors in a set .... that is what you'd want to buy first. If you get the Epson NX415 then you'd want the Epson 695 set of four cartridges from Kopykake. Let me look up the other numbers ^_^

don't want to confuse anyone .... the epson NX415 printer is a model in what they call the NX410 series. The ink cartridges designed for one fit all of them.

The set of 4 kolor kartridges tanks for the Epson NX410 Series ..... KK No. = T0695SET-4

also bought the refill kit, because you can refill the first four tanks up to four times .... each of the four colors come in 2 oz bottles

Refill Kartridge Kit - 4 col 2 ozs each ...... KK No. = RFK02

Also got the Set of 10 Assorted Pens .... you can do cute lil whimsy things with them or color a cartoon if you like

bought the 8x11 frosting sheets .... KK No. KJFS0811

Hope this helps Sweetgrandma .. let me know if you have any others questions ^_^ (

Hugs ^_^
agentsherry 02/04/2010 11:27 AM
I just called local Best Buy and they have printer for $50.00. Going to pick one up at lunch. I called KopyKake and ordered edible ink and frosting sheets. Altogether, $162.00. Same thing selling on ebay for $250.00. I think I got a great deal thanks to all of you.....Can't wait to try it. Just paid $25.00 for two edible prints to put on cakes. I think I'll make my money back in no time......Thank you, this forum is the greatest......
sweetgrandma 02/04/2010 1:50 PM
Thanks so much bassettscreek...that clears it up immensely! I'm pretty challenged when it comes to computer type things exciting for you! Let us know how you like it.