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Topic: pearl/luster/shimmer dust on chocolate?
LavenderLily16 09/29/2009 1:30 AM
Okay, so, I think I've decided that, for my Gravedigger (monster truck) cake, I'm going to use chocolate-flow-thingies or whatever they're called. ;) I'm just not comfortable planning on using color flow, since I've never used it before...and FBCT is out because they're BIG pieces that will be on the sides of the cake...but I've been dealing with chocolate since I was a little kid, so even though this is a new way of using it (for me), I feel pretty okay with it. The chocolate parts will look different from the rest of the cake, but I'm okay with that, too, since the parts that will be chocolate will be the parts that, on the truck, are decals as opposed to paint.

I do, however, want to do something to kind of unify the different pieces. A while back, I ordered silver luster dust and green ultrafine edible glitter for this cake. I also just ordered some Wilton pearl dust and an "edible pearl glaze" that can be colored with icing color. Can any or all of these things be used on chocolate?

Oh, and my son also decided that he wants a figurine of himself falling off the back of the truck. Because, according to him, "That's funny!!" Another opportunity to practice my gumpaste modeling skills, I guess.
MARIE J 09/29/2009 7:02 AM
You should be able to brush the luster dust/pearl dust directly on the chocolate

I would try brushing it on dry & see how that works for you
cheatize 10/03/2009 10:50 PM
Yes, you can use pearl or luster dust on the chocolate. It's easy to do just use a large fluffy brush. To clean the brush, use cornstarch. Dip the brush in a small pile of cornstarch, then pounce the brush somewhere else to remove it. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. LOL