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Topic: Fondant fiqures dry time?
cgoofy71 09/17/2009 7:59 AM
A quick question for the pros-- How long does it take for fondant figures to dry and harden? I am making a baby shower cake for next saturday and I was wondering if I did the figures this weekend , if that would be enough time for them to harden. Thank you all in advance! Chris
myna102 09/17/2009 9:10 AM
i think they will be fine if you make them this week they won't be dry, but should stand fine, if you want the hard use 50/50, i've had peices that would take a month to dry but not rock hard, but like i said they should be fine, if they are thick sometimes the bottoms will get fat, like my elmo lol, but something like animals and such, i'm not an expert but i've made alot of figures.
cgoofy71 09/17/2009 10:10 AM
What exactly is 50/50? I dont use fondant much and I am not familar with this
SarahM 09/17/2009 10:34 AM
I believe myna102 means 50% fondant and 50% gumpaste. I'm new to this, too, but from what I've read, gum paste dries harder than fondant. By mixing them you get the drying properties of gumpaste but the pliability of fondant.