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Topic: Need dirt bike shaped cake pan
dark_angel02 06/08/2009 7:50 PM
I am wanting to make a dirt bike shaped cake for my best friends son. I cant seem to find one anywhere. Is there anyone who might have one or know where I can get one?
Jeanne G 06/08/2009 9:10 PM
The motorcycle pan might be closest, if you can find that.

Here are a couple of old Wilton ideas for doing bikes on other pans. Neither is a dirt bike but it might give you ideas of how to use other pan shapes for what you want to do.
mmumsie 06/08/2009 9:53 PM
There are several on eBay. Just search for motorcycle cake pan. They have Wilton character pan or Pantastic cake pans. Or you can just use the pdf instructions to the cake pan an place it on top of a sheet cake. can order you a Plastic Cake Pan or a motorcycle for you, if you want new!