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Topic: Which icing tip (1A or 2A) to make the following cupcakes?
kj_connections 04/04/2009 12:26 PM
I like the cupcakes shown on this website:

I believe they are regular cupcakes, not mini cupcakes. Does anyone know which piping tip (1A or 2A) is suitable for making similar icing?

Jeanne G 04/04/2009 3:15 PM
Hard to guess ... why don't you fill two bags, using both tips, try them both, and see which one you like better? Then simply empty the bag with the losing tip back into your frosting bowl. You won't be out anything but a litte time to experiment.
kj_connections 04/04/2009 4:34 PM
True...but I don't own either of those tips yet and I prefer to buy just one instead of two
mmumsie 04/04/2009 5:07 PM
It's hard to tell, but I guess I would go with Tip 1A, because you can always use less pressure to control the size.
Jeanne G 04/04/2009 6:49 PM
Oh, live it up! Go ahead and spend the extra $1.89 and have one of each! If you have a craft store and a coupon, maybe you can get it for $1.13

Otherwise, mmumsie is right. Buy either one and adjust the pressure to get the look you want.
kj_connections 04/04/2009 8:56 PM
I just checked my local craft store (Michael's) and they don't have it...hmm maybe I'll order it online. Thanks
mmumsie 04/04/2009 10:09 PM
You can order it right here from Wilton. But, you might as well get a few more things to justify the shipping. has them too. I use 1M, star tip for my cupcakes. Good luck!
utahquilter 04/04/2009 11:19 PM
I use the 1M star tip to get the swirly icing. Fortunately there is a store in town that carries nearly every tip that Wilton makes and they are sold individually. I was looking to buy a filling tip and the price at Wilton was so so but the shipping was absurd. I was able to find it at my local Ben Franklin for $2.00.
bunnywoman 04/05/2009 9:10 AM
I use 1M too, but a tip 21 works too.
mmumsie 04/05/2009 1:08 PM
kj_connections - if you have an old coupler, they don't have the notch cut out. This could be used as a substitute for the tip 1A.