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Topic: Powdered Food Coloring
naturenut 03/23/2009 2:46 PM
Hi there, I just joined this group in an effort to try and find the Wilton Powdered food coloring. I used it many years ago when I baked cakes and lately all I can find are the gels.

If anyone can direct me to where I can purchase/order the powdered colors from I'd really appreciate it. I live in Ontario, Canada.

dottiepark 03/23/2009 5:28 PM
How about Googling "powdered food coloring"?
naturenut 03/23/2009 5:38 PM
Thanks for the suggestion, but I've spent hours searching online and can't find anything. I even searched the Wilton site and came up empty handed. I've tried everything "Wilton powdered food coloring"...powdered food coloring...cake decorating supplies etc etc.

peg 03/23/2009 6:56 PM
CK makes a powdered food coloring. And there is a product called Crystal Colors that is a wonderful line of colors. You can find them at or

Global may also carry the ck powdered colors but i'm not sure of that.

As far as i know wilton does make colors in powdered form.
dottiepark 03/23/2009 9:06 PM
Seriously, Google powdered food coloring...first four hits are,,, Heck, you can order the stuff through
mmumsie 03/23/2009 9:14 PM
I carry powder colors at If you don't see the color you want we can get it for you.
Jeanne G 03/23/2009 10:05 PM
Is there a particular reason that you want powder? Have you tried the pastes and gels?
peg 03/24/2009 8:58 AM
I just reread my post and it was supposed to read

As far as i know wilton doesn't make powdered colors. (can't find the edit button)
naturenut 03/24/2009 9:03 AM
Thanks again, but as I stated in my first post, I live in Ontario, Canada....and was trying to find a place up here that I can order from.

It's not that I can't find any place that sells the powder, but every place I've found online is in the States. By the time I pay exchange, taxes, duties, the cost of the powder is more than double :(( So if I can find somewhere up here that sells it, I'd rather do that )

naturenut 03/24/2009 9:06 AM
Yes, I use the gels now, but due to some health problems I can no longer make my own icing...too exhausting/time consuming and my body ends up sick for days, I buy whipped icing from one of our local bake shops. It does not stand up well when adding the gel coloring. The icing gets too watery.

naturenut 03/24/2009 9:07 AM
Thanks mummsie. Can I email you privately about ordering?

brikl 03/24/2009 4:30 PM
naturenut, have you looked to see if there are any cake and candy supply stores in your area? I googled "cake and candy supply" plus the name of my city and found quite a few, which really surprised me.
peg 03/24/2009 6:34 PM
Creative cutters is in Canada they may carry what you are looking for. Also, how close to the boarder are you. There are some cake shops that are very close to canada. Check out google and see if there is any where in driving distance, might make a nice day trip.
naturenut 03/24/2009 6:47 PM
Unfortunately we only have two places that carry any kind of supplies and neither has the powder. I was able to finally find a place in Canada that does carry it however, and I placed an order this afternoon....yipeee!

naturenut 03/24/2009 6:48 PM
Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check them out. No, I don't live near the border...I'm in Northern Ontario

etneggs 03/27/2009 9:42 PM
Have you thought about using kool-aid or other powdwered drink mixes? Not only do you get a beautiful color you get a great flavor!!!!!

mmumsie 03/28/2009 10:36 AM
Most definitely! Let's figure out what we can do. Contact me at
mmumsie 03/28/2009 11:52 AM
Naturenut, you may wish to consider a larger quantity. I can get you 4 oz bottles or 12 1 oz. bottles of your favorite colors.