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Topic: How long do I bake a regular cake in a 6" springform pan?
squishyg 08/13/2008 4:26 PM
Hi there all, I'm brand new to the forums.

I tried baking a regular cake (not a cheesecake) in a 6 x 3 springform pan at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. The sides came out overdone and the center was runny.

Can someone please recommend a better temperature and baking time?

Jeanne G 08/14/2008 9:02 AM
A 6" round pan 3" deep should hold about 3 cups of batter. (You can look this up on the helpful chart, here:

If by "regular cake" you mean a cake mix, that is about 4.5 to 5 cups of batter. That is simply too much batter for that size pan.

If you try to put too much batter in a pan (any pan, but especially a deep pan), the results are sides that are overdone and a center that is runny. Sound familiar?

The most important step is to measure your batter, and not put too much in the pan.

Next, bake-even strips help prevent the sides from getting overdone.

Finally, some device to conduct more heat to the center of the pan will help the middle to get done. Many of us use a flower nail.

This is a relatively small pan, and you may not need to take all 3 steps, but you definitely need to use the right amount of batter.

Try again, and let us know if this helps.

Good luck.
Diane from Ohio 05/27/2013 8:47 AM
I just removed a 6" x 3" cake from the oven with awesome results. I measured the cake batter and divided it into (2) 2 cup + 1 heaping Tablespoon portions, and baked the first portion. While it did not seem like much batter it rose to nearly the top of the pan beautifully. When it cooled, I removed it from the pan, re-preped the pan and baked the remaining batter. Each layer took 37 minutes (I did use cake strips), and cooled 15 minutes before I took it out of the pan.
cakedujour 05/27/2013 9:38 AM
Welcome to the forum, Diane. Congratulations on your success with the springform pan and thank you for telling us how you did it. Neither of the previous posters are on the forum anymore, but there are always others who can use the same information.