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Topic: how long is piping gel good for?
mandymiesse 07/01/2008 4:36 PM
Hi I was wondering how long piping gel is good for after it is opened and should it be refridgerated? Thanks.
chinkmel 07/02/2008 4:58 PM
i don't think it goes bad. it's only gelatin and syrup. just don't make it dry out, and keep in a room temp.
Merrie Sunshine 07/07/2008 6:23 PM
The last one I bought had an expiration date on it and doesn't need to be refrigerated.
LillysMom08 05/08/2013 4:03 PM
I have three tubes and they have numbers followed by an A, but I don't see an experation date, I am mamking these for my daughters class so hopefully they are still good!!