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Topic: Making butter cream icing in Kitchen Aid Artisan
ladybird_1959 06/26/2008 3:47 PM
I saw in a previous thread that several of you have the KA Artisan mixer. What beater do you use when making your butter cream icing and what speed? I began by using the whisk beater and my icing was too fluffy and thin. Would using the paddle beater work better? Also, I mixed on medium (5-6) as the Wilton instructions called for and the icing was not stiff at all. I became so frustrated I went out and bought a $20 Hamilton Beach mixer.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Jeanne G 06/27/2008 7:03 AM
The wire whip is for whipping, generally at very high speed, in order to introduce air into the product. It is awesome for whipped cream, meringue, the final touch for mashed potatoes, etc. It is not good for cake batter (except angel food) or for butter cream.

The flat paddle is used for mixing and beating. It is the workhorse attachment for KA mixers. I own two, and two bowls.

I mix my buttercream at a very low speed to start with, then move the lever up to about 3. "Medium" on a hand mixer is very different than "medium" on a stand mixer.

Try it again. I think that once you have the hang of it you are really going to love the KA for frosting.
Tracey1970 06/27/2008 7:03 AM
You are not supposed to use the whisk for making BC. You should use the paddle attachment. The whisk puts too much air in the icing, making it virtually impossible to smooth.
Bev86 06/27/2008 7:06 AM
to answer your main question only use the whisk beater to make marangs and whiping creams.

always use the paddle on everything else
with kitchan aid i use low and bet 2-3 to make a good butter cream cing
ladybird_1959 06/30/2008 5:17 PM
Thanks ladies for all your valuable information. I will try using my KA on the next batch of buttercream I make. I knew I had to be doing something wrong!
candycain 08/18/2008 8:17 AM
As previous posts suggest. Definitely the paddle.

I had borrowed my friends Hamilton Beach mixer before buying my kitchen aid. I made a few batches of buttercream with the beater and then the beater broke. When I looked up HB on the web to order a new one for her I discovered that I was supposed to be using the paddle. Lucky for me they replaced it for free.
Spooky_789 04/29/2011 12:35 PM
I'm glad I found this thread! I was wondering the same thing, as I've been using my whisk attachment instead of my paddle. I need to dig through my cubboard to find my paddle. It's there, just buried.