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Topic: Pan coating
jenniferagarner 04/24/2008 9:22 AM
What is best to coat the pans with to make sure the cake doesn't stick? I tried Pam out of curiosity and ruined a cake because it stuck at places. Does that bake easy or cake release wilton sells work well?
Jeanne G 04/24/2008 10:13 AM
All the methods I've tried work fine if I get the pan thoroughly coated. Some methods are easier to accomplish that than others.

Pam works for me. So do the spray products with flour added. Once I started baking a lot I wanted to get away from the spray products because the spray particles wind up in the air and on cabinet knobs, etc. Sprays work. I just wanted to reduce my use of them.

Old-fashioned grease-and-flour works, but it is messy and it is easy to miss a spot.

The various pan-coating products such as Wilton's Cake Release work wonderfully.

My preference is a home-made version of Pan Goop. It is simply equal parts of flour, shortening, and oil. I use a cup of each, mix them in my food processor, and store it at room temperature in a glass jar. I apply it with a silicone pastry brush.

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amielyn 04/24/2008 3:03 PM
I love Wilton's Cake Release, that's all I ever use! The best part is it doesn't leave any residue like grease and flour sometimes does.
littlepastrychef 05/05/2008 10:33 AM
I use a Crisco brand spray for baking that has Pillsbury flour in it. TRUST ME! My biggest issue with baking has been getting the cakes to release properly and this stuff is AWESOME! If you're doing a character pan, it's great because all of the indentations and detail come out of the pan intact if you use this stuff. It's great!

Check the baking aisle for it.
lsscott 05/23/2008 4:53 PM
I would like to know if you use certian brand name flour, shorten, and oil in your pan goop recipe. thank you lsscott
Jeanne G 05/26/2008 4:31 PM
I use whatever I have on hand to make my pan goop. For me that is typically Crisco and whatever brand of canola oil was last on sale and ditto for the flour.
mamajaejae 05/27/2008 7:46 AM
Jeanne G
I have started using the easy bake strips because my cakes weren't baking even.
Since I have been using them my cakes are nice and even and bake up to the top of the pans, but they do kind of stick to the bottom and sides of the pan.
I am going to try your "goop" for coating the pans...but you coat the sides of your cake pans to the top also?
Before using the easy bake strips I did not have this problem of sticking.
Jeanne G 05/27/2008 4:17 PM
Yes, I grease my sides to the top.

I remove the baking strips the first time I check for doneness. I think going the last few minutes without them helps the sides firm up and release from the pan better.
mamajaejae 05/28/2008 7:57 AM
Thank you Jeanne G for your reply. I will try it next time....removing the even bake strips earlier.
Thanks again!