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Topic: Hydrangea cake
tomong 06/16/2012 10:36 PM
I recently bought Wilton's gum paste flower cutter set and have been enjoying making various gum paste flowers. Yesterday, I made a hydrangea cake: I decorated my usual strawberry short cake with hydrangea flowers and leaves. My family and friends liked it!
cakedujour 06/17/2012 10:51 AM
Very pretty!
gmoakes01 06/17/2012 9:02 PM
MomToManyBlessings 06/18/2012 9:31 AM
Beautiful flowers! Someday (when I'm not in the middle of wedding planning) I'll have to try that - after reading all the gumpaste tips I can gleam from this forum.
Spooky_789 06/18/2012 4:17 PM
That is one pretty cake!

I wonder if there is a savory alternative to gumpaste. I was thinking that this would be a really neat deco for a cheese ball at the holidays, but obviously using a medium that would go well with the cheese ball. Hmmm, any ideas anyone?
cakedujour 06/18/2012 5:37 PM
Homemade crackers made with colored dough and cut to shape?
whoknew? 06/21/2012 9:01 AM
Oh crud! That's SO cute! I mean, really, really, cute! Isn't that new Wilton gum paste floral kit the bomb?

I just ordered some veined hydrangea plunger cutters and check the mailbox each day to see if they've arrived.
ginnyl 06/23/2012 6:25 AM
Those flowers could be done in modeling chocolate for a different taste..of course not on a cheese ball..
ladiescake 06/28/2012 10:05 AM
Your family and friends liked it? They should have loved it. It is very nice.
Chasey 06/28/2012 2:03 PM
I love it!