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Topic: edible fence dilemma
furball 10/04/2009 12:25 PM
I'm making a halloween sheet cake in a couple of weeks and need ideas on how to make an edible black fence. I could use black licorice. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Jeanne G 10/04/2009 1:15 PM
or pretzel sticks dipped in black Candy Melts ...
sweetgrandma 10/04/2009 3:35 PM
you could use black fondant. Or color mmf black.

I made a picket fence out of white mmf but I assume you could add black liquid coloring in place of the water.
Bunnywoman..would this work?
furball 10/04/2009 3:57 PM
Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I will definitely try that.
sandsher 10/07/2009 8:10 PM
I have done three cakes with fences. I used graham sticks on the beach cake for the fence. You might could use black icing spray and spray it. I dipped pretzel sticks in chocolate and put them together for the fence on my graveyard and Winnie the Pooh cakes. You could do this with the black candy melts if you want black.
MARIE J 10/07/2009 9:15 PM
What about using tip # 47/48 & piping it on
furball 10/08/2009 7:42 PM
Thanks for all the great suggestions! I think I'm going to go with the pretzel sticks. I went and bought black candy melts yesterday. You are all awesome!