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Topic: Pudding filling for Cupcakes ????
Weims319 07/02/2008 4:56 PM
Hi Everyone,

I want to make some pudding filled 4th of July cupcakes. I have never done this and am not sure if they need to be refrigerated. I plan on just using jello pudding from a box, either cooked or instant. Can I do something to make it thicker? Like use half the milk? Should they be kept cold? Any advice is appreciated....

Thanks ,

Jeanne G 07/02/2008 6:41 PM
If the pudding should be refrigerated if you were serving it in little dishes, then, yes, it should be refrigerated if you are serving it in little cakes.

If you live near a cake supply specialty store, you might consider trying a commercial filling product, such as Bavarian Creme, that is safe and stable at room temperature.

Or how about the Twinkie filling recipe? That can sit out just fine, and is fun to find in a cupcake!
karen 08/29/2008 7:59 AM
Better late than never. I use the 4 oz. box of Jello Instant pudding and add 2 cups heavy cream
instead of milk. It is yummy and I use this filling on most of my filled cakes. Sprinkle the pudding over the heavy cream, mix with hand mixer until mixed. Let rest for 5 min. Beat at med. speed for 3-5 min. until mousse-y. It is delish. I use the White Chocolate Jello and add crushed oreos to it. Everyone loves it.
So far I've only used the White Choc or reg. Chocolate. I want to try the lemon or pistachio next.
baura_l 08/23/2009 10:40 AM
I think a recipe with heavy cream needs to be refridgerated
Jeanne G 08/23/2009 12:35 PM
Homemade puddings and mousse require the cake to be refrigerated. (So does cream cheese.) If a particular cake or cupcake can meet that requirement, they make awesome fillings.
karen 08/23/2009 8:01 PM
I'm looking at my post and think I'm definitely losing my memory. I didn't remember posting about cupcake filling this month and...then realize it isn't even August 29 yet. Then I look and see that this is from 2008!!!!!! Yes, this filling does have to be refrigerated but it is yummy!!!!!