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Topic: Freezing fondant cake
Sarcha 05/14/2013 3:15 PM
Hi! I am planning to bake cakes on Thursday and do butter cream icing and fondant icing & decoration on Friday for delivering on Saturday. Should I keep the cake in refrigerator after fondant icing on Friday night or outside. I am planning to bake white(1234) cake , double tier cake. Is it ok to stack them the night before or should I do I it on Saturday only? This is my first order, please help me.
cakedujour 05/15/2013 7:33 AM
Welcome to the forum. Unless the cake has perishable filling or icing you do not need to put it into the fridge. Allow the cakes to cool for several hours or overnight. If you have baked early in the day you can crumb coat the cake or wrap well in plastic wrap to keep it moist until Friday. If you bake in the late afternoon or evening, allow them to cool and place wrap gently over the cakes so any residual steam/heat won't make the cake soggy, but also not dry out overnight. Fill them and allow each tier to "settle" separately over a period of a few hours at least. If you don't have that kind of time then you can place something with a little weight on top. I usually turn the cake pan onto the top of the cake and place a full sugar bowl or something similar into the pan. Let that sit for at least 30 minutes. Don't try to get away without allowing the cake to settle. It will settle so have it be on your terms. Then you can ice the tiers and place the fondant. Insert your dowels or bubble/milkshake straws for support. Allow the tiers to sit unstacked for several hours. Then you can stack and decorate. If you have time to do that on Saturday, do that. If not, then stack and decorate on Friday night.
Sarcha 05/15/2013 7:57 AM
Thanks a ton
cakedujour 05/15/2013 8:59 AM
Good luck and post a picture of your cake. We'd like to see it.