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Topic: Your Full Size Sheet Cake Size?
amy50605 10/05/2012 8:33 PM
Hi! I have a question for everyone. What do you consider your full size sheet cake? Mine is 12x18 for 54 (single layer) servings. I had a lady ask me today about what size was mine and I told her. She said no, that size was just a 1/2 sheet. I explained every baker has a different interpretation of what their sheet cakes are. Plus I can't find boxes for larger sizes, I was just windering, am I crazy for saying a 12x18 is a full size? Thanks!
preetscake 10/05/2012 8:36 PM
My quarter sheet is 9x13 and half sheet is 11x15...I do not offer full size but if I did it would be 12x18 too. I can not imagine making a larger shee cake than that:-(
HeyWife 10/05/2012 9:17 PM
I consider a 12 x 18 a half sheet too. If someone wants a full sheet I put two 11 x 15's together. I make quite a few full sheets, sometimes even two 12 x 18's together or double layer, for sports benefits where there will be 150-175 people in attendance.
amy50605 10/05/2012 10:49 PM
Does everyone suggest cutting their pieces 2x2? Or larger? The cake is for an office party, other food will be provided. She thought 2x2 was too small, and even a 2x3 size piece would be too small.
becamico 10/06/2012 12:12 AM
Yep, 12x18 is a half sheet here as well. Full size would be 24x18.
trecur 10/06/2012 7:31 AM
The industry standard for single layer sheet cakes is 2x2. She can cut them any size she wants but you be sure you charge by the 2x2" standard. HTH
JLynne93 10/06/2012 11:58 AM
My quarter sheet cake is a 9x13, half sheet cake is a 12x18 and full sheet cake is 2 12x18's put together to make a 24x18. I don't charge by servings unless it's a wedding cake. But a normal serving is 2x2.
cakedujour 10/06/2012 4:50 PM
I won't mess around with the term "sheet cake, 1/4 sheet, or half sheet." To me that is begging for trouble because everyone has their own idea of what is what. I deal in servings. How many servings are required? Then I try to talk them into something else because, as we all know, I hate sheet cakes!
amy50605 10/06/2012 5:39 PM
I hate sheet cakes too! I try to avoid the term. I asked her how many servings & she told me, then I reccommended her a cake size to accommodate her request. However she is convinced to she needs cake servings 2x3 or larger and she is fixated on the "sheet cake" terminology! Ugh!