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Topic: Coloring white icing to make grass green color ?
goeasycakes 08/09/2012 8:19 AM
Do you use anything other than the Kelly Green? It doesn't seem to be turning as dark as I think it should be.
preetscake 08/09/2012 8:34 AM
I use leaf green gel color by would need quite a bit,but it works best for me!
suepers 08/09/2012 10:03 AM
I usually add a touch of moss green to the kelly green to get a good grass color. The leaf green is too "neon" for me for grass.
becamico 08/09/2012 10:45 AM
I'll tell you...I just did a cake this week with grass and I needed royal blue first...for the pool part of the cake. Afterwards, i just added golden yellow, and a touch of leaf green and it was the PERFECT color for grass!