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Topic: Lego Cake
houmoore4 09/20/2011 11:27 PM
Hello everyone...I have missed all of you so much. I've been busy doing cakes, I just get behind with everything else. But I thought this one was adorable and really wanted to share.

It was an 11 X 15 sheet - vanilla flavor, covered with fondant (and that was fun). I bought the Star Wars Lego kits to place on the cake. The last time I covered a sheet cake with fondant, I remember that I ended up rolling the fondant on my table because my fondant mat wasn't big enough. Well, I bought a new table, but the problem is that this one has ceramic tiles (it's not smooth). What a mess. I ended up going to Wal-Mart and getting a vinyl tablecloth cover so I had something big enough to roll the fondant out.

Everyone loved it and I was excited because the little boy was so thrilled over it.
bassettscreek2 09/21/2011 1:10 PM
You make the cutest cakes .. as usual, great job ^_^ Thanks for sharing ^_^
Dianee 09/21/2011 2:51 PM
Such a cute cake you made!