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Topic: T Bone steak - cake picture
chickenhawk 06/21/2011 12:44 AM
Made this for Father's Day.
I had to just shake my head when my daughter trimmed the fat from her slice stating that "she doesn't eat fat"!
Miss LJH 06/21/2011 5:32 AM
That is too cute! What a great cake idea!
TBCALE 06/21/2011 6:12 AM
To cute. My son would have eaten it fat and all.
Chasey 06/21/2011 7:07 AM
Oh blech! You did a fabulous job making that look so real! It's hard to imagine tasting a sweet cake and icing while looking at a rare steak. Well done again!
gmoakes01 06/21/2011 7:10 AM
That's too funny! I would want mine a little more "well done" ! Great job.
cakedujour 06/21/2011 7:12 AM
Awesome! My favorite part is the USDA(?) stamp! Fabulous detail!
Peachygirl1 06/21/2011 8:40 AM
Your attention to detail is amazing ! Love it !!
DessertDiva82 06/21/2011 9:35 AM
I love your clever saying! Great job.
scubabaker 06/21/2011 9:42 AM
Oh, how fun! You did a fabulous job, especially with all of the small details.
scubabaker 06/21/2011 9:43 AM
P.S. Your daughter's reaction is just hysterical!
cakediva wannabe 06/21/2011 2:10 PM
Great cake!
kristyscakes 06/21/2011 2:48 PM
love love love it!!!
loves2decorate 06/21/2011 2:58 PM
Very clever!
Dianee 06/21/2011 6:45 PM
What a neat looking cake!
chickenhawk 06/22/2011 9:22 PM
Thank you all so much for the great comments - I really enjoyed making it
karen 06/22/2011 11:50 PM
Love it. Sounds like the same thing that happened when I made my Son the hamburger cake. My granddaughter wouldn't eat it because she "wasn't going to eat a meat cake!!!"
luvbakin 06/23/2011 1:06 PM
Awesome job....looks just like a steak! Love it!
obesa 06/23/2011 3:35 PM
I love this! You did a great job on this - awesome idea!