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Topic: Want to make a chess piece cake...
Greek_Cake 02/17/2011 12:20 PM
Hey all,
My wife and I are attempting to undertake an ambitious cake project. Our son wants a chess themed birthday cake and we were thinking of making a cake that looks like a huge chess piece. I googled for images, but I don't think anyone has made a huge chess piece cake. Any ideas on how to start planning this project?

PS. If it helps, I was thinking a rook would be a good piece to try making.
ponyjockey 02/17/2011 12:27 PM
Welcome to the forum!! I would stack and carve cakes. You are going to need a lot of cake to get the definition that you want. As for planning, I would first see how many people you need to serve and then see what base size you cake should be (6", 8", 10" and so on). Remember that you are going to have to carve the cake so you will be losing servings by carving. I hope this helps!