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Topic: Cupcake Bouquet in plastic cups
whoknew? 02/11/2011 11:45 PM
caf, good question. My 99 cent terra cotta pot is 8" across at the top. If I try to use only the smaller cups, they fall through. If I use the larger cups, they don't fall thru, but they are too deep for the cupcake, so I put in a second, more shallow cup. Since I can get the 8" pot for 99 cents, I just use what they have to keep the cost down. I think Mickeebabe's 6"(?) pot ends up looking nicer than my bouquet because her pot is probably just a little smaller and the size of the pot doesn't overpower the cupcakes.

Mickeebabe, GREAT job on the photo tutorial and bouquet; the bouquet is gorgeous!
How wide is the top of your pot? 6"?
How big are your cups? (uhh, that sounds like a politically incorrect question....)
Did you use two bags of pink frosting to get the different shades?
Heidicakes 02/12/2011 10:04 AM
Mickeebabe- those are great!!! Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial.

Whoknew- I used a 6 in pot and 2 oz cups for mine in the pot. It held 6 cups.
caf 02/12/2011 12:12 PM
whoknew-after I wrote to you I realized what you just told me. smaller pot would be the way to go, less cups, less cost. Thank you for the reply. beautiful bouquet.
heidicakes - thanks for your tutorial. beautiful job.
Mickeebabe 02/12/2011 1:27 PM
whoknew? - Yes. The terracotta pot is a 6" one. They're $1.00 at Walmart. I used the 2 oz. plastic souffle cups that I bought at Smart and Final. I just used canned frosting on those cupcakes. Tinted each half a different shade of pink and used two different bags.
whoknew? 02/12/2011 6:14 PM
Dang, I'll use up my 8" pots then get the 6" size for the same price from WalMart. Sounds like I also need to go back to Smart and Final and get the 2 ounce cups instead of the 3-1/4" ounce cups.

Sigh....this is how we learn.....
caf 02/12/2011 6:52 PM
sorry, mickiebabe, I thanked heidicakes for the tutorial but it was your awesome bouquet and tutorial.
luvbakin 02/13/2011 12:23 PM
Great job on both bouquet's they are lovely!
renaie76 02/21/2011 9:46 AM
Thank you for the information and tutorials here, this has been such a great help! Beautiful work!
BlackWidowNor 02/21/2011 10:24 AM
It looks like you used the plate the pot should sit on as an insert?

Could someone take pictures of the ENTIRE contruction? What do you use to keep the cups in the pot? Do you weight the pot itself?

I'd LOVE to know!
whoknew? 02/21/2011 1:13 PM
Nor, took me a while, but I puzzled and puzzled 'til my puzzler was sore and finally got what you meant by "the plate the pot should sit on". No, we don't use the plate. The cupcake weight will not topple the pot.

Look at Mickeebabe's tutorial photos near the bottom of page 1 of this thread. She has a 6" diameter terra cotta pot (Walmart, $1)
2 ounce plastic souffle/condiment cups (Smart & Final, pkg of 250, $5) OR online for about $4 + $10 S/H: (
Green tissue paper cut into squares OR decorative package shred
Hot glue gun

A hot glue gun is used to keep the cups in the pot. You can used double-sided tape to hold the ribbon in place or hot glue it to the pot.
In a 6" pot, place 6 of the 2 oz. cups, they will stay in place until you hot glue them together. Hot glue the cups to the rim of the pot and to each other--dots of hot glue will suffice, no need to go 'glue-crazy'.
Poke shred or green tissue paper in the holes between cups, no need to glue tissue/shred.
You can now put your cupcakes in the cups and they will stay just fine. You can ice before or after placing in the cups, your preference. [Some people put a dot of icing in the bottom of the cup to increase cupcake security, or you can poke a toothpick in the middle of the cup bottom, then skewer the cupcake.]

My original tutorial pics were made with a larger terra cotta pot, 8", which requires different plastic cups to fit. Mickeebabe's sizes are much better.

Does that explain it? If you need more step-by-step pics, let me know.
Mickeebabe 02/21/2011 4:08 PM

Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial

1. Bake standard size cupcakes. Mine here have a nice dome to them.

2. Purchase a 6” pot. I used a terra cotta one I got from Walmart for $1. Purchase 2 oz. soufflé cups. I got mine from Smart & Final. I hear that restaurant supply stores have them too. Staple 7 of the soufflé cups together. (one in the middle and the other 6 around it) Set the cups in the pot and make a pencil mark where they hit the pot. Remove the cups and put hot glue on those spots. Then set the cups there and hold for a few seconds.

3. I then added some green tissue paper to fill in the gaps.

4. Then I placed my 7 cupcakes into their cups. You can either do this before or after you decorate the cupcakes.

5. I decorated them using a Wilton 2D tip. I started my swirl in the middle and then worked outward to get that rose affect. (Move only your wrist and not your whole arm.)

I learned how to do this with help and instructions from Khalstead on the Cake Central website.

Here's another thread that talks about the cupcake bouquets:

gmoakes01 02/21/2011 7:40 PM
I think BWN may be referring to what looks like something under the cups in the part 2 picture - you can't see all the way down to the bottom of the pot.
whoknew? 02/21/2011 9:05 PM
In my original post, the pictures I show are with an 8" pot which requires TWO cups, a larger one AND a smaller one. Then, after the thread got going, I found out I can use a 6" pot with only one small cup.

Now I have 120 leftover 3-1/4 oz. cups and 120 leftover 5 oz. cups. Good thing the great-niece/nephews attend elementary school, teachers LOVE stuff like little plastic cups so they'll get a good home when I buy the correct 2 oz. cups.
Mickeebabe 02/21/2011 9:44 PM
whoknew? - Here's a copy of a tutorial that I have from Khalstead at

Cupcake bouquet using the 5 oz. cup method

You can make a large bouquet w/ 19 cupcakes using standard plastic 5 oz. cups like in the first picture.

The 19 cup bouquet is done using a 5 oz. cup, it's a normal plastic drinking cup so it's tall (maybe 3 to 4" from top to bottom) you staple those together.

I hot glue the 2 oz. cups inside of the 5 oz. cups when doing the large bouquets (because I'm paranoid that the cc's will fall down inside the tall cups and get ruined), because the 2 oz. cups are short (maybe 1-1/2" tall top to bottom).

The 2 oz. cups are almost exactly the same diameter as the big cups so I just nestle and glue it right into the top of the 5 oz. cups..........I suppose you don't even have to glue them because they fit "just" inside the 5 oz. cups, but I'm paranoid like I I just want to make sure if I'm delivering it and I hit a bump that the 2 oz. cup won't try to pop out of the 5 oz. cup making my cupcakes fall to the floor.

For the full 19 cupcake bouquets there is NO bucket. they're made in the taller 5 oz. cups an then the cups are secured to a 10" or 12" cake circle and then I put tissue paper on the cake board and glue it up the sides of the cups to hide them. You would need a huge bucket since the bouquet of 19 bouquets is about 10" across!

whoknew? 02/21/2011 10:07 PM
So, it looks like the little brown and blue-eyed kids looking wistfully at 250 craft cups are going to be told, NO WAY! I'M USING THOSE!
BlackWidowNor 02/21/2011 10:21 PM

You're correct, that's exactly what I was thinking. Under those cups looked (to me anyway) too "bright" to be the inside of the terra cotta pot, and I thought they used the plate that comes with them for an insert for the plastic cups to sit on.

Going to have to scrape up some funds to get the supplies for this. I also do decorative painting (think One Stroke Method) and paint up some pots, coat them with sealant and try this out for something to make a bit of money on. I've got TONS of paint and brushes...
KAYLEESMOM 02/22/2011 10:35 AM
That is such a cute idea! I'll have to remember that since spring in upon us
gmoakes01 02/22/2011 11:30 AM
BWN (Lisa) - i started doing creative stuff teaching myself the One Stroke Method, too years ago. I've got all kinds of paints and brushes just calling out the need to decorate
Maybe Mickeebabe will tell us what's beneath those cups.
Mickeebabe 02/22/2011 2:26 PM
gmoakes01 - There's absolutely nothing beneath those cups. (except air of course. lol) The cups are just glued to the rim of the pot and that's it. Nothing else.

Hope this helps.
cakes06 02/23/2011 8:01 PM
What a great idea!! Someday when I do one of those, I'll have to try that. Great looking cupcakes!