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Topic: Sweetwise "The Mat" came in yesterday!
leelee82663 01/15/2011 8:52 AM
don't know if anyone has seen this thing, but i think it is great! saw a video on You Tube and had to have it. it's for rolling out fondant to cover cakes with and it worked like a charm for me. you just roll the fondant out between the 2 sheets, peel the top sheet off, then pick up the bottom sheet to transfer the fondant to the cake (fondant sticks to the sheet until you are ready for it to come off onto the cake) -- no ripping, tearing, stretching, etc. and you don't have to use powdered sugar or cornstarch to keep it from sticking, so your fondant doesn't get dried out.
here is a pic of a cake i did last night for a friend. i have never been able to get my fondant so smooth like this. of course, this is quite a simple design on a cake, but that's what she wanted. even my husband was impressed with how easy it was to roll out and transfer the fondant to the cake.

kimber300 01/15/2011 9:23 AM
very pretty cake. Where did you get the mat? I would love to have one.
leelee82663 01/15/2011 10:03 AM

go to this site and watch the video -- it's amazing!

bunnywoman 01/15/2011 10:17 AM
I do the same thing with 2 pieces of vinyl that I get in the craft department at Wal-Mart. It cost me about $3-$4 bucks for a full yard of the stuff. I love it! Works slick!
sweetgrandma 01/15/2011 10:36 AM
me too bunny! I admit it...I'm cheap!!
leelee82663 01/15/2011 2:17 PM
i'm cheap too, but i was worried about the vinyl being FDA approved for use with food, so i just went ahead and spent the money.

kimber300 01/15/2011 3:04 PM
Thank you for the advise Bunny. I will have to check it out on my next trip to walmart.
houmoore4 01/15/2011 6:36 PM
I've not seen it, but your cake is beautiful. I love the smoothness.
HeyWife 01/17/2011 12:10 AM
I have one too. Need to play around with it some more!
HeyWife 01/17/2011 12:10 AM
lumifan4ever 01/17/2011 7:44 AM
Dang it...bunnywoman. I don't think our Walmarts down here sell that kind of stuff anymore. I went in search of vinyl at my walmart yesterday in the craft department and can't find anything like that. Our craft department now consist of one row. And we don't have the material department anymore (where you buy cloth and stuff). Maybe Joanne's sells vinyl at their store. Does anyone know?? And is it on a roll that they have to cut for you???
sassygrass~sweets 01/17/2011 8:41 AM
yes joanns sells the vinyl,,,in the back part where the high density foam is!
ginnyl 01/17/2011 8:45 AM
I got my original piece of vinyl from walmart but have also gotten it from joanne's. They will cut as much as you want off the roll. I got a nice size piece and cut it to fit my counter. I also made some smaller pieces to do small projects on and to keep my decorations between two sheets of the plastic.
I asked for an old cardboard tube and that is where I store my mat.
It was very inexpensive.
You might want to try one of the super walmarts.
lumifan4ever 01/17/2011 9:25 AM
Awesome. Thanks for the tips ladies!! I am actually heading to Joanne's tomorrow. Definately going to be looking for the vinyl.
Ruthmarie 01/17/2011 9:35 AM
It's a great cake, I love it. Thanks for sharing the mat information with us.
lumifan4ever 01/19/2011 3:52 PM
I went to Joanne's yesterday and found the vinyl. It was $4.99 a yard. And i also had a half off I only paid $2.50 for it. And today, I tried it and it really does work like a charm. I wish I had inquired about this "vinyl" bunneywoman has talked about in the past. It was soooo cheap and sooo simple!!! I may learn to love working with fondant yet!!! lol. Now i gotta get one of those fondant smoothers and try covering a cake again.
karrietg 01/19/2011 8:03 PM
I use a silicone matt. I used to use vinyl but it kept getting creased, which transferred into the fondant. I don't have that problem with the silicone. The only difference is that there is no top matt so you have to cover the fondant with plastic wrap if you are leaving it for a few moments.
binkbink 01/19/2011 8:28 PM
leelee your cake is pretty! When I made my first wedding cake last year, my DH saw me looking at THE Mat on YouTube and he surprised me by ordering it-I thought it was a nice gesture. I really enjoyed using it too.
My parents live in nashville so hopefully next month I will get to go to SweetWise and take one of their classes-when my husband talked to the owner on the phone they were so nice and helpful-he said the guy even said to call if I needed help with using it or had questions about fondant so I want to take one of their classes and check out their store and visit with my parents all in one trip!......The Walmarts that I have been to no longer have "big" craft departments either.
leelee82663 01/19/2011 9:16 PM
i would love to go to nashville too so i could visit the sweetwise store and take one of their classes. let me know how it goes when you get back!