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Topic: John Deere Tractor Cake HELP
aspencer 11/30/2010 8:36 PM
I have been asked to make a John Deere Tractor birthday cake. I plan on making a round fondant cake, and then making a fondant tractor to put on top. However, is it possible for me to make the entire tractor out of just fondant? If so, is there some kind of powder I can get to mix in with the fondant to make it dry much harder so that it won't move? ANY help would be appreciated.
creative_rb 11/30/2010 8:54 PM
I haven't used it but tylose powder is what others use to make their fondant dry harder. I want to try it.
aspencer 12/01/2010 9:07 AM
Okay, thanks so much! I'll look into it!
bunnywoman 12/01/2010 9:40 AM
Tylose powder or gum tex works very well for this.

marym. 12/02/2010 5:43 AM
How much tylose powder would you put in one batch of MMF?
aspencer 12/02/2010 7:57 AM
Not exactly sure, but I've read that you're suppose to use 1 Tablespoon for every pound of fondant.
marym. 12/02/2010 8:01 AM
aspencer 12/02/2010 8:16 AM
Also, if I use the tylose powder, would it make the fondant too hard to actually eat?
leelee82663 12/02/2010 8:27 PM
if it were me, i would shape the tractor out of rice krispie treats and cover it with fondant.

.....just a thought.

tag42199 12/02/2010 11:14 PM
You can always mix 50/50 fondant and gum wont dry super hard, but will be firm enough to hold its shape!
aspencer 12/03/2010 7:00 AM
I have read about covering rice kripies before with fondant, but am nervous to do so. Is there any certain method to go by?
Chasey 12/03/2010 8:30 AM
If you go the rice krispie method, don't bother making them "to taste." I just melted marshmallows and stirred in the cereal until the consistency was moldable. If you mash it really tight, the surface gets smoother. Apply some buttercream and then lay on the rolled fondant.

I mixed in a teaspoon of gum tex with about 8 oz of MMF and it took FOREVER to dry. However, it did rain for the 3 days I was trying to dry them.

I don't know if Tylose works better in small amounts or I should have just added more gum tex. I prefer using premade gum paste mixed with the fondant. That is when I do a 50/50 mix, unless the humidity is high and then I mix 75% gumpaste with 25% fondant.

A RKT tractor will be a little lighter than a gumpaste one!

leelee82663 12/03/2010 2:35 PM
if you measure your rice krispies out as called for in the recipe, then crush them before adding to the marshmallows, you can get a much smoother texture. just make sure you pack them tightly when forming the tractor -- or whatever you might be making at the time.

i made a turtle cake and the head, legs, and tail were RKT covered with MMF -- also, made a baby monkey to top a shower cake. all i did was form the thing and cover it with MMF. i think it's much easier than using just straight fondant or even fondant/gumpaste

i attached the pics so you can see that they didn't turn out "bumpy" at all.