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Topic: Cowboy Baby Shower with GumPaste Boots
DirtyBaker 11/16/2010 11:53 PM
Well, this is my baby shower cake I made over the weekend. I wanted to play with some of the new Duff Cake Tattoos and I tried making the gum paste boots for the first time. I wasn't thrilled with the way the boots turned out, but I don't think they were too bad for my first attempt. My best friend told me they looked "worn" lol
It was a good thing I made a cake, I haven't done any in a few weeks I was resting up for this little guy to come, but the last two weeks I kept dreaming at night of making cakes. Now all he has to do it hurry up and get here, my due date is Thanks Giving but I am hoping this weekend or sooner. We are supposed to get our first snow this weekend, and I keep telling my hubby that's when he'll come just to make things interesting ;)

The cakes were both chocolate with cookies and cream filling.
Sugar Pie 11/17/2010 1:14 AM
Simply adorable!! What fun & excitement awaits your new little cowboy! Congratulations & a prayer for a safe arrival.
riverchild 11/17/2010 8:24 AM
This is too cute and I think your boots are adorable. Three years ago this time I was in your shoes. My baby was due Thanksgiving day. Thankfully she decided to come a week earlier. Praying you will have an easy delivery.
cupcake52 11/17/2010 8:41 AM
Well done! Congrats on your baby! I know how you feel. I felt the same way about mine! I figured, first attempt, not too bad. The cutters don't give you a right and left foot, so you've gotta work it a little to get that. But yours look fine! Here are some I did. Don't feel bad at all.
cakesbychrystal 11/17/2010 8:45 AM
SUPER cute! I love these baby cowboy boots cake! I doubt I'll ever get to do one. I'm a city girl from Vegas. Not too many cowboys/girls roaming around...
Beckylovescake 11/18/2010 10:19 AM
ADORABLE!!! where did you find the cutter for the boots?? Both cakes are great!
DirtyBaker 11/18/2010 11:21 AM
Thanks everyone! I know they make cutters but by the time i decided I wanted to make them I didn't have time to order. I searched online (google) and found a pattern I was able to print off on cardstock to make it not so flimsy. Then I printed a picture of what I wanted the boots to look like and went from there. (Cupcake that made it easy to make a left and right bottom too I just flipped the pattern over) The aren't perfect but for a first time and they were for me so i was ok with them, I wanted to use royal to make some "stitched" but instead used it as caulk in some area's. It was a learning experience and everyone loved them.

P.S. still no baby and I have tried everything this week, two days of Christmas shopping and walking and I even went for a quad ride yesterday in the field and had super spicy food for dinner. They are still saying snow this weekend so we shall see lol!