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Topic: Pink Owl cake
Carpentergirl 06/24/2010 9:25 AM
This was one of my favorite cakes yet. This was for a little girl's first birthday. It was so touching to me because it was for a young couple who adopted this little baby. I loved working on this owl, and I would love to do another one in Purple sometime! lol It was very easy too!

The feathers were made from the metal Leaf cutter set that you get from Wilton. The package of 3 that you can get from Micheal's. I used the very small on on the front of the belly. Then I used the "shell" gumpaste tool and imprinted one end of the leaf and then started at the bottom of the owl worked my way up to do her belly. I kind of marked off a smooth spot on her face where I was going to place the eyes, just making sure I came in enough with the feathers so that the eyes would cover. Then for the darker pink, I used the medium sized leaf, and then imprinted them the same way, only doing it on at least half of the leaf. then started again at the base of the owl, and worked my way up. The ears and wings are fondant and stuck in using bamboo skewers and sugar glue. Once I got to the top of the head, I started piling on the "feathers" in different directions to make it look more genuine. Then I put the eyes on, the beak, with a toothpick stuck in, then a big fondant bow to finish her off!
cakedujour 06/24/2010 10:44 AM
How adorable! Thanks for the detailed instructions, too.
Mickeebabe 06/24/2010 11:47 AM
Really cute cake.
devane224 06/24/2010 11:51 AM
Very cute!
sweetgrandma 06/24/2010 1:22 PM
alizarinantidote 06/24/2010 8:20 PM
It is so cute! Did you sculpt the cake or is that one of the cake pans Wilton sells?
Carpentergirl 06/24/2010 8:46 PM
I made it using four 8" pans. Two of them were 2" deep, and Two of them were 3" deep. I put a cake board in between the two cakes with dowels for support before sculpting it into kind of an "egg" shape. More of an even egg shape without that narrow end you see on an egg.
mmumsie 06/24/2010 8:53 PM
What a "hoot"! Love it!
Carpentergirl 06/27/2010 8:20 AM
Thanks for the comments everyone by the way!
cakesbychrystal 06/27/2010 1:46 PM
super cute!
rpropst 07/01/2010 8:18 PM
That is just too cute!Love it!
Carpentergirl 07/11/2010 2:08 PM
thank you!
bluecakegirl 07/11/2010 10:07 PM
Love it! Love it! Love it! Great job!!!!!
taw2104 09/29/2010 10:54 PM
I'm new to this type of decorating and was wondering how do you stick the feathers down? I want to make this cake for my Daughters 1st Birthday. Thanks
braysma 09/30/2010 2:37 PM
I love this!!! You did an amazing job.
inquiring mind 10/01/2010 8:37 AM
Adorable. You did an amazing job. A solid "10." Is there an owl pan or did you have to carve it?
marym. 10/01/2010 10:08 AM
Great cake, very creative!
kathy1 02/09/2012 3:03 PM
So cute! How did you make the feet? Also is there buttercream under the wings or did you cover the whole owl in fondant? Thanks.