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Topic: Justin Bieber cake ideas...
tracybanville 04/26/2010 10:03 PM
OK I am fairly new to cake decorating and love every cake I make. My daughter's 13th birthday is next week and I want to make a cake that will break the news to her that she has tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert.

I have googled images of Justin Bieber cakes and not much there....

Any suggestions?

You can email me at with any and all ideas!!!!! Buttercream... fondant.. doesn't matter. I have a t-shirt pan and was thinking of doing something like a photo imaging picture of him on the cake, and insert a ticket into the cake after its cooked, and before I decorate, and make sure she gets that piece indicating what she is getting etc.....

Any other ideas???
auntiesquizzle 04/27/2010 12:23 AM
auntiesquizzle 04/27/2010 12:28 AM
Hi traceybanville, (sorry the above msg is blank). I have never heard of Justin Bieber but he is coming to New Zealand this week apparently. In the which is the morning paper you will find a picture of him in the 'Entertainment' section. I have just copied it and will try and paste it to this reply. If it does not work, be sure and look up the NZHerald website. Alternatively I believe he caused such a commotion last week in Sydney, Australia, that his concert was cancelled. You may like to look up a Sydney newspaper or two.

auntiesquizzle 04/27/2010 12:29 AM
(picture for tracybanville)

cakeace 04/27/2010 3:23 AM
Helllloooo! Justin Bieber is only the biggest thing out there for 13 year olds!!! If you google Justin Bieber cakes you will only get a few cake images, under google images. However, you will get thousands of photos of him! I would lift one of the photos, maybe from his 2.0 album, and make a photo image cake of Justin. I would use lots of girly bright colors. Your daughter would really love the image. I wouldn't put a ticket in the cake but rather wording on the cake like "Happy 13th Birthday (Insert Name)" "See you soon, Justin!" (Do me a favor and give a nod to his home country, Canada, and put a tiny Canadian maple leaf on the cake...any true fan would appreciate the detail! Hahaha)
tracybanville 04/27/2010 9:28 PM
Thanks everyone and @ cakeace - for sure he is Canadian and so am I! He is pretty OK and my daughter totally loves him.

The tickets are not real tickets. The ticket company here in Ottawa is not mailing out tickets so I have to make my own which is why I don't mind putting it in the icing. I think I will go with the photo imaging sheet for sure. I am still open to more ideas...

cakeace 04/28/2010 3:01 AM
If you don't have a photo image printer at home, I know that Sobey, in around the GTA will print an image for you. Best of luck! Be sure to post your creation!
saradars 04/28/2010 7:51 AM
How about making a cake that looks like the ticket?

tracybanville 04/28/2010 10:57 AM
I thought of that too but I am not the best when it comes to writing and it would have to be smaller writing. I might play around with some hand drawn ideas today and post them if I have a chance.

Thanks everyone!!