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Topic: Painting Modeling Chocolate
angel25705 03/01/2010 4:19 PM
I am making tropical fish out of modeling chocolate for my son's 1st birthday cake. I used white chocolate so I can add color. I was playing around with shaping the fish, not really trying to make one for his cake just yet, and I made one that is so close to perfect that I don't want to waste it. The problem is, since I was just playing around, I didn't color it BEFORE I molded it so now I'd like to know how to paint modeling chocolate. I planned on steaming the fish after I put them on the cake so they have a nice 'just swimming' look so I'll need a way that can stand up to that.
I read that you can mix powdered food coloring with alcohol or just plain powdered food coloring. Any help I can get is greatly appreciated.
mmumsie 03/01/2010 4:45 PM
Hhhm. I know I've used luster dust on plain modeling chocolate to color roses. I didn't mix it with anything. Just dry brushed it on with a soft and fluffy brush. I would use that instead of the powder coloring. Good Luck
mmumsie 03/01/2010 4:50 PM
I know the picture is small, but you can see how I added color to the chocolate.
Beletta 03/10/2010 9:08 PM
your roses are beautiful !!!! is there a rose form? I have been experimenting with melting choc. - I am having a problem with trying to make choc. cupcake liners for my daughters wedding and I purchased the 38 cupcake holder, however, I have make the jumbo size and they are too big because the paper spreads out too much and the standard I think would be better but I keep breaking them - is there a trick that might help me? thank you
mmumsie 03/10/2010 10:41 PM
Beletta- I responded to your dessert cup question in generals. You need a different mold than liners.