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Topic: How To Make RiceKrispies Fondant Covered Dice??
joycie 11/13/2009 12:35 PM
i have read about shaping rice krispies into your desired shape but do not know what comes next.
Do you cover with buttercream - stiff or medium?? Do you cover all sides, bottom, too OR do you you only cover the sides that will show?? If you cover the bottom, how do you handle it?? How long do you let it dry before covering with fondant??

I need to make 2 dice for a las vegas theme cake. How would I cut the fondant?? 6 squares?? or 1 long rectangle to wrap around 4 sides and then 2 squares?? Do i smooth out the seams with water?? will the seams completely disappear??

last, for the black dots, do i dare make black fondant or is it near impossible to obtain the black color.
Or should i apply the black dots with black buttercream after i place the dice on the cake??

THANKS SO MUCH for your Help!! The more detailed instructions the better!!! I am a Fondant Newbie!!
hpjmom 11/13/2009 12:49 PM
How big are the dice you are making?
bassettscreek 11/13/2009 1:13 PM
Watching the cake shows, they first cover the rice krispy shapes with buttercream, a crumb coat if you will, before covering with fondant.

Your dice are basically like a square cake ... takes a bit of patience, but would use the same method for them.

If however, the bottom of your dice are going to be visible, you may have to cover first the bottom of the dice and then, cover from the top just as you would a square cake.

That's what I'd try. ^_^

Wishing you very good luck with your project. Be sure to post pictures. ^_^
bassettscreek 11/13/2009 1:17 PM
Joycie, for the dots, you can use fondant, but think I'd try using black candy melts and pour some candy circles. Or, you could pipe them with royal icing or use the color flow technique. Candy melts will be easier and you can achieve same size with smooth even surfaces. Pick up some balck melts from Michaels or HL before they're gone.

Black candy dots are easily attached to your fondant. ^_^
joycie 11/13/2009 1:57 PM
i am making an 11x15 cake with the welcome to las vegas design center front (substituting happy sweet 16 kristy for the welcome to fabulous las vegas nevada).
i want to put 3 out 4 of the following on the cake - dice, a hand of cards, poker chips and/or gold coins (bought at walmart in party favor section). so i guess i want the dice to be about 2x2 or 3x3 appoximately. i don't want them to overpower the cake.
does that help?? thanks everyone!!!
mmumsie 11/13/2009 4:47 PM
When covering the RKT with fondant, do the corners first. Can hardly wait to see the results!
eddiesgirl8282 11/13/2009 6:11 PM
I made these dice from RKT's, I only had a 6 inch square pan so I sprayed the pan with cooking spray so the RKT's wouldn't stick and molded the square shape from the pan, I did this twice then stacked them and cut them so they were 4 inches tall and wide. Then covered the sides and top with BC and then covered with fondant. It was really simple to do. Hope this helped!