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Topic: Tiffany Blue
sriojas 07/05/2009 10:46 PM
Can some tell me how to get the "Tiffany Blue" color? I have a cake this weekend and I want to use that color. Thanks in advance.

sweetgrandma 07/06/2009 7:03 AM
I don't know if there's the actual color available to buy but I know there's a teal and aqua. When I made a Tiffany box, I didn't have those colors so I just mixed a small amt of blue and green until I got the right color. Luckily I had a real Tiffany box that the customer brought me to compare it to.
Good luck
eddiesgirl8282 07/06/2009 9:30 AM
I use sky blue food coloring
cakeace 07/06/2009 9:04 PM
Wilton sky blue and Wilton teal makes a perfect Tiffany Blue. Start by making your icing sky blue then add the teal to turn it so you see some of the 'green' tone that is in the tiffany blue.
sriojas 07/06/2009 10:07 PM
Thanks. I will try the sky blue and teal.
cakeace 07/06/2009 11:02 PM
Check out the Tiffany blue cake I posted: Tiffany Blue Fondant Covered Cake. I will give you an idea of how close you can get. The Tiffany blue I produced looked truer in person. Check out pinkcakebox dot com. They have a few cake in tiffany blue--cute!