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Topic: Physical Therapy Graduation Cake
Poohbaby 05/22/2009 7:52 AM
My sister-in-law received her doctorate in Physical Therapy last weekend. I was going to make 3D equipment on the cake, but couldn't come up with a wheelchair, which my MIL really wanted. I did a series of FBCTs instead so that she could have her wheelchair!(:
celena 05/22/2009 8:13 AM
the equipment is perfectly done! too bad they couldn't be 3D...
MJK350 05/22/2009 10:30 AM
Cute idea!
mmumsie 05/22/2009 1:37 PM
Nice equipment featured! Are those the school colors?
kajuncakemomof4 05/22/2009 3:51 PM
Nice Job!
Virg 05/22/2009 4:00 PM
Your artwork on the cake is Fabulous!
Poohbaby 05/23/2009 2:00 PM
Thanks, all. Those little FBCTs are so much more work than one big one!!
She graduated from Bradley University, whose colors are red and white.
chachasep 05/24/2009 7:40 AM
Very nice!! Good Job!!