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Topic: how to make a string of pearls?
lltwins03 05/19/2009 8:31 AM
Can anyone tell me how to make a string of pearls? Besides rolling balls of fondant, do u actually string them on to fishing line or something? Im hoping for the pearls to hang down off of something, compared to laying down.
cakedujour 05/19/2009 4:21 PM
I am pretty sure that globalsugarart has pearl molds...mmumsie might too. You can mold a string at a time from the looks of them. I've not seen them or used them, but it seems to me that you could run string or fishing line or something similar through the pearls and then allow them to dry flat. Then I think they would hang for you the way you envision. If anyone actually has these, or strung pearls the way you are talking about, maybe they will chime in with experienced advice. If you don't use a mold, and you do choose to roll each pearly by hand, then I would certainly string them and let them dry before you hang them. Oh, and be sure to dust them with pearl dust for the characteristic luster of real pearls.
mmumsie 05/19/2009 5:08 PM
Yes, we do have a silicone bead maker.

I used mine on my son's wedding cake. For me it was a time saver. I was even able to delegate the bead making to my hubby, how wants nothing to do with cake decorating! He thought is was fun. Like playing with playdough!

You do not actually string them together. You roll out a thin rope of fondant and place inside the forms. Squeeze together and cut away the access. Where you have a little bit of fondant connecting the beads together, I place that side next to the cake hidden in a little bc to hold them in place. Love mine!

bakingatthebeach 05/19/2009 6:40 PM
I use a silicone bead maker. Mine is 8 mm. Really quick and easy to use.
lltwins03 05/19/2009 8:21 PM
Thanks for the answers!
cakedujour 05/19/2009 9:20 PM
Will the strand of beads hold together when hanging off something as lltwins03 plans to do? That's why I suggested maybe stringing them together. I thought maybe the tiny area between beads might not be strong enough to hold. I'd love to know since I have toyed with purchasing the bead mold but haven't done so yet.
mmumsie 05/19/2009 10:40 PM
Hhmmm. The way they are made currently, I wouldn't think so, for draping. I guess it might be worth a try to roll out a rope of fondant with a line of fishing line or dental floss inside it, before placing in the silicone maker to see if that would string them literally together. But there is a small piece of fondant that connects all the beads, so they are not perfectly round. I suppose you could cut the all apart, let the dry a bit, and try to string, but wouldn't that be defeating the purpose of the former?
mmumsie 05/19/2009 10:41 PM
Also, I would be worried stringing them would misshapen the bead.
cakedujour 05/20/2009 7:33 AM
lltwins03, since it doesn't sound like you can count on the string of beads to hold their shape if strung or together if hung, how about trying this: I don't know what you would like to hang the beads from, or the look you are hoping to acheive, but perhaps you could use the pearl mold to make the beads and then attach them in a drape with a bit of fondant adhesive or royal icing. This will help support the fondant so the weight doesn't pull them apart. If you are attaching to buttercream, just press the pearls slightly into the buttercream. Good luck, and please post a picture!
hpjmom 05/20/2009 4:30 PM
How about if you rolled out your fondant beads, then used a sharp needle to make a hole. If the bead gets a little misshapen, it is still soft enough to reshape it. Then each bead would have a hold to string when they dry. I haven't tried this, but this is the method I'd use first. I'd think that the bead makers wouldn't be strong enough to hold hanging down the cake.
lltwins03 05/21/2009 8:35 AM
Thanks again for posting these answers....I'll see if I can get it to work. They seem like an easy thing to make, but that's usually the hardest!