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Topic: Clown Cake - Power Ranger Cake
houmoore4 05/03/2009 7:38 PM
The little girls at my day care fell in love with pictures of my clown cake and that's all they talk about. I didn't have anything going on this weekend (a first in 3 months), so I made each one a little cake. I think it's like a 5 X 2 pan. Anyway, funfetti cake mix, all buttercream with candy dots.

The Power Ranger cake was for my grandson. We were at the cake supply store and he wanted them, so I told him, I'd make him a PR cake. He broke the stands before I could get them on the cake and the cake so small that not all of the figures would fit on the cake. He loved it anyway.
riverchild 05/03/2009 7:48 PM
All of them are very cute. I just did a Superman for my son last weekend "just because he wanted it." I sometimes bake so much for everyone else I forget my children like cake too. They remind me though so I have to oblige. I love it though!
Jeanne G 05/03/2009 8:08 PM
Cute, all of them! I love piped clowns, too.
chachasep 05/04/2009 6:48 AM
Cute cakes!! Good Job!!
jeannemarie 05/04/2009 8:51 AM
How cute! Those little clown cakes are so adorable. What a great idea you had for the little girls! They must have been "wowed."
beaches 05/04/2009 1:50 PM
Very cute!
cakes4char 05/04/2009 5:00 PM
Great cakes...they are all very cute!
hpjmom 05/04/2009 8:29 PM
Great job!