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Topic: Ideas for a Birthday Cake for 17/18 year old girls
bugbug 03/04/2009 8:30 AM
Hi-I am looking for some ideas for a birthday cake for two girls. They are sharing the cake. One will be 17 -the other 18. They are both part of a JR. Miss Court at their high school. The cake will be delivered on the day of Jr. Miss and the theme is dance. Both girls are into dance and music. The JR. Miss colors are like a neon green, neon purple and black. Does anyone have some ideas?? I would really appreciate them.

hpjmom 03/04/2009 4:37 PM
How about a topsy-turvy cake? I'd just do something crazy & fun, no theme. I'm really into the zebra print right now, & that would match your colors. I'm attaching some zebra print cakes you could modify with your colors.
lotzoflove 03/04/2009 4:37 PM
I would maybe do some music notes on the cake in the colors of the theme. then do something related to dance like a dancer or dance shoes. Then just put Happy Birthday ___ & ____. Fill in the blanks with the girls names.
Daisymom27 03/05/2009 4:15 PM
I love the topsy turvey cakes!!