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Topic: molding rice crispy treats???
mandymiesse 07/01/2008 4:37 PM
Hi I have seen several neat and beautiful items made from rice cripsy treats and covered in icing. I love the idea but I was wondering how do you do it? Anytime I have made rice crispy treats in the past they always are so sticky and I can't get them to do what I want is there a trick or a special recipe? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am so anxious to try this out on a cake. Thanks.
krogie 07/02/2008 8:04 AM
I use the store bought krispie treats. They seem to be denser and less sticky than homemade.
Jeanne G 07/02/2008 8:04 AM
Just keep adding RK until the mixture is dry enough to work with.

If I am making the molded item for display and it won't be eaten, I skip the butter and make the mixture very dry.
Carpentergirl 07/02/2008 8:14 AM
hi there! I use the crispy treats all the time because they are so light in weight. I make full bodied duck cakes and use the krispy part to make the head. The trick is to let the mixture cool a bit before molding the shapes. You will notice how loose and gooey the mixture is when you start working with it. If you let it cool a bit, the mixture will be a bit stiffer. I also run my hands under cold water before I start handling it. You will know right off if it is at the right stage because it will just pack well for you. If I find that I need to use more of it later and it has gotten too stiff ( completely cooled) then I just pop the whole bowl in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time until I get it back to a slightly loose stage. As far as icing it goes, I have never just iced the figure. I ice it and then cover it in fondant. The icing smooths out all the bumps, before covering it in fondant, or I use two layers of fondant on it, first layer to smooth it out, and then the second layer on top, which looks nice and smooth by then. As far as special recipe, I just use the basic, but usually just half it. Good luck, I hope this helped! :-)
mandymiesse 07/02/2008 4:56 PM
Thank you all so much! I am going to try it as soon as I figure out what my first project should be!! I love this forum you are all so friendly and helpful!!
bunnymom 07/02/2008 4:58 PM
I used the store bought, off brand kind and they were awesome and cheap. around $3 for the box and the box made all 3 figures for my cake so I was thrilled and no clean up for me