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Topic: cowboy boot cake
amy1129 05/23/2008 4:56 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am having a cowboy themed birthday for my son in a few weeks. He wants a cowboy boot shaped cake. I figured, not a problem. My picture perfect cake is a 2 layer cake with fresh fruit in the middle, shaped like a boot, and I am thinking I would need to use like a brown fondant to cover the cake, and then decorate it to make it look like an authentic boot.

What kind of pan?
I dont think using a regular 9 x 11 pan is big enough, I thought I could use a sheet pan, make 2 or maybe 3 (depending on how tall each layer would be) layer, stack them with the fruit and frosting in between. Take my printed cut out of the boot, and trim to get the shape.

Is fondant what I want to use or should I use chocolate frosting?

Do they make a brown fondant? if not how do I get it brown.

Do I use frosting under the fondant?

I think thats all I have for now.

If anyone has any ideas for making this cake awesome, I am open any and all idea.

Thank you

mommie22 05/26/2008 4:31 PM
You might take a look at If you just do a search on there for cowboy boot there is two pages worth of pictures. There are some really cute ideas. Good Luck and happy baking.
DIBBERS 05/26/2008 4:31 PM
I am not creative like everyone here using fondant...
I'd get the western boot shaped pan and do it in buttercream!

sorry - no help !!
PastryPrincess13 05/26/2008 4:37 PM
You can use either frosting or fondant thats totally up to you. I do know that satin ice fondant comes in many different colors and they probably would have brown, but if you make your own (mmf) than you could just color it with tint. Use the brown and add a little bit of red if you want a deep brown color. If you decide to use fondant, you will need to use at least a light layer of frosting underneath so that it sticks to the cake. Here is a couple of pics that I did a few months ago to jump start your creativity. Both are pull aparts (cupcakes). Good luck with your cake!!
Nimoway 05/28/2008 8:15 AM
I wonder if you could finish rolling the fondant with something to give it that leathery/pebble-ly texture and then drape the cake.

Oooh, what about a spur for the boot? or some other silver work? I've read several posts on here about luster or something that makes things look silver.

Best of luck with the cake, look forward to seeing the picture.