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Topic: 11 x 15 sheet cake help!
chihuahua-mama 04/10/2008 9:43 AM

How many cake mixes do I need for an 11x15 sheet cake 2"deep? Do I need to do anything differently...will it bake even and all the way through?

Jeanne G 04/10/2008 3:57 PM
You can find Wilton's excellent charts with batter amounts, number of servings, baking time & temp, and even frosting amounts here:

If your pan is 2" deep you will need 11 cups of batter. I would make 3 mixes and use the leftover batter for cupcakes.

I use bake-even strips and 2 flower nails in that size pan.
vlflower8892 04/10/2008 3:57 PM
Hi! I use 2 box mixes for my 11x15 pan, bake at 325 degrees for 35-40 minutes. I always use the charts in the Wilton Cake Deco books for what temps and time guidance for my different pans.

Good Luck.
sharridee 04/10/2008 3:57 PM
I use 2 boxes , good luck with your baking.
cakeluver 04/10/2008 4:07 PM
I use 2 cake mixes and cook it at 350. Good luck
Tracey1970 04/10/2008 4:10 PM
Not sure how many mixes you need. Do the pan instructions not say? An average mix makes between 41/2 to 5 cups of batter, depending on brand and whether you've doctored the mix. Most pans tell you how many cups to use. If not, fill the pan, by cup, to wherever you want the batter to go (1/2 or 2/3 full), count the number of cups of water you've put in, and that's the number of cups of batter you need. If it's 6 cups, for instance, you would need to make two mixes, using just over half the total amount of batter.

As for baking tips, you should probably use at least two flower nails in the pan itself, greased and inverted, to help distribute heat in a cake that size. I'd also use the baking strips around the outside of the pan to keep teh sides from baking way faster than the centre.

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cakesbyjulie2 04/11/2008 8:48 AM
I use 2 mixes as well at 350
Julzlyn 05/19/2008 8:18 AM
Do you use 2 cake mixes for a 1 layer cake in a aa x 15 pan?

I want to make a 2 layer 11 x 15 cake. Should I bake it off twice (total of 4 cake mixes), or should I cut the 1 layer in half for filling?
ebeth3257 05/20/2008 7:40 AM
I have done this and found that 4 cake mixes work the best and bake 2 cakes, when i level my cakes i still like them to have fullness.
cami5271 05/20/2008 4:03 PM
I agree with Jeanne G....I always use 3 mixes for a nice, full 2" high layer! The pan will not hold all of the batter....I fill it 2/3 full and make cupcakes with the rest! I tried it with only 2 mixes and the cake would not rise all the way flush with the top of the pan....the corners were shorter, so when I leveled it, I ended up with a really short cake!
Julzlyn 05/20/2008 4:11 PM
Thanks for your response. This is the first time I'm making such a large cake and I wanted to be sure. I will bake it off twice with 4 mixes total. thanks again!
Czech Lady 05/21/2008 8:34 AM
I agree with Jeanne G and cami5271. Filling the 11 x 15 pan 2/3 full from the three mixes makes a really nice high cake. Using the flower nail is a must for making sure the cake bakes completely. I used the extra batter for a small 6" cake... one my two grandkids finished off rather quickly!